Ways to Travel


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This week we will focus on the question, What are some different ways to travel?” ¬†The characters in our fantasy story will explore their travel options. ¬†Later in the week, we will read informational text called Lewis and Clark’s Big Trip. ¬†They did not have as many options for modes of travel 200 years ago. ¬†Who knows how we will be able to travel 200 years from now!

Words to Know (flashcards are coming home for reading memorization):

about   by   car   could  don’t   maybe   sure    there

Spelling Words for Lesson #17    (Long e sound spelled a variety of ways!):

 me    be    read     feet    tree    keep   eat    mean    sea    these        *please   *street

Due to our 100th Day celebration on Friday, we will take our weekly comprehension test and spelling test on Thursday, January 26th this week.

In math, we are learning about place value and building numbers to 120 with base ten blocks.  Understanding the values of numbers will help us as we order random numbers from least to greatest and compare values using symbols.

Friday, January 27, 2017:  The most exciting event this week is our 100th Day of School!  Be sure to come prepared with a decorated shirt on Friday and bring a treat from our pre-approved snack list with enough to count out 100 pieces at school.  It will be an all-day celebration of the number 100!


Horton Hears A Who


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Math – Doubles Facts


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Practice this rap to memorize your Doubles Facts!

Guided Reading Center-Lucia’s Neighborhood


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Click on the photo to listen to this week’s story.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.43.30 PM

Are you curious?


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imagesFor September 12-16, Curious George will help us determine, “Why is going to school important?”  We will be reading Curious George stories, learning about the sequence of events, and becoming more aware of author’s word choice as we read and write.

Our Reading Words to Know (High Frequency Words to memorize and know ON SIGHT!):

                    sing      do      they      find      funny       no

Spelling Unit 3 – Focus on short /o/ sound:

log     dot     top      hot      ox      lot

In math, we will begin learning about subtraction.We will revisit the concept of equations being made up of a whole amount and two parts.  Using models to compare is another strategy to make subtraction more visual.

In science, we are studying cycles in general with a focus on the butterfly life cycle. Students will learn the difference between hibernating and migrating.


What happens during a storm?


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For September 6-9, we will address the question, “What happens during a storm?” through our reading selections and writing.  We will be learning about possessives (‘s can show ownership) and understanding characters.

Reading Sight Words of the Week:

        for        he         what        look        have       too

Spelling Words with a focus on the short /i/ sound:

         if         is         him        rip        fit        pin

In math, we are finishing our first chapter in addition.  We will take the Chapter 1 math test the following week.  New math vocabulary words:  plus & sum.

For Social Studies, we have been learning about safety with a variety of drills and procedures.  In Science, we will begin our study of butterflies and migration.

George E. Bus made our bus safety program fun!


A Fresh Start!


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Welcome to Mrs. Strafford’s First Grade Blog!

back_to_school_clipartThis is where you can find out what we are doing in our classroom.  I would also like to use this blog to post our news, add educational links, and photographs of our students working hard once we get in the swing of things!   For now, check some of the pages listed on the right hand side.   Most of the pages are written to provide parents with information about our first grade curriculum.  The page titled “Educational Links to Explore” is designed for students to click on internet sites that are kid friendly.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Please say “hi” under comments (under Continue Reading) so that I know that you were here! I hope you can visit again soon!

Mrs. Strafford