Laura Chaney
June 2017
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50’s Day!

Fire Safety

Thank you to the Geneseo Fire Dept for coming to Southwest to teach us about fire safety!

Guinea Pigs

A big thank you to Madelyn and her mom for sharing their guinea pigs with us!

Bookflix A very popular center in our room is the “Bookflix” center. It provides students with a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading selections. You can find the link under “Blogroll” or can access it by clicking on the above link!

Great Video That The Kids LOVE!


Setting 4 More Monarchs Free

Letter Pp

Today we learned how to form the letter Pp!  So tonight I would like you to follow the steps listed below:  Click on “Starfall” under the title Blogroll  Click on ‘ABCs’ under number 1  Click on the purple “P” and watch the video  Pick your favorite thing that starts with a P and draw a […]

We love watching the life cycle of a butterfly occur right before our very own eyes!  Here we are letting our first butterfly go!  What fun!

Week of September 13th

What a busy week we will have!  In Journeys, we will focus on letters Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss and Tt as well as the word “like”.  Our focus will shift to recognizing beginning sounds in words.  We will continue to learn about nouns this week as well.  Go Math Chapter 2 test will be on […]

Welcome To The 2015-2016 School Year

  I am looking forward to meeting you all at Open House Tuesday night! Mrs. Chaney