At home I have a large 50 Inch HDTV 1080 DLP Samsung Television. I have been happy with this unit as the picture is great and 50 inch is large (actually maybe too big).  Last week while watching there was a quick pop and fizzle with and then nothing on the screen.  Since this television is a DLP unit at first I thought it was a bad lamp and indeed my lamp was broken.  Additionally this unit had a failed Ballast which is separate from the lamp and is a part the essentially powers the lamp.

DLP 50 Inch Samsung (Model HL50A650)

When a DLP (Digital Light Processing) TV breaks it usually is only because of one of three things.

1.  The Lamp Fails (most common)

2.  The Ballast fails (can happen powers the lamp)

3.¬† The color Wheel fails Рeither the motor breaks or the wheel itself shatters (too much heat?)

To Replace the Ballast and Lamp (and Check Color Wheel).

First remove the lamp by unscrewing the back lamp panel (one screw) open the level and pull out the lamp.¬† Next remove 10 screws on the back of the TV so that the entire lower back panel easily comes off.¬† With the Back Panel off on the bottom you will see 2 More screws which can must be removed.¬† With these screws removed you can pullout the projector/lamp/ballast module all on a single tray.¬† Before pulling this tray out make sure you unhook any connected cables and be careful when doing so.¬† Also with everything opened now is a good time to use a can of compressed air to clean out all of the fans and components Рsince this unit really circulates air it will likely be very dusty inside.

With the Tray removed you can now easily access the Color Wheel and Ballast.

Here is a pciture showing location of Ballast and Color Wheel.  Remove the screws on top to look in and remove the color wheel.  If it is not shattered it is most likely okay.

I found a new Ballast on (  You can usually tell if your ballast is dead if it has burn marks on it (mine had clear burn marks, if not you probably only need the lamp.)

Lamps can be found here as well, although I have had better luck with electrified (¬† Lamp Part is BP9601653A Рa quick google search will find plenty of sellers.

With New Ballast and Lamp TV is back to working like new.