Occasionally the Webspeed powered web side of Skyward will take a crash and users will be greeted with a message that simply says service not available.  Logging into the server itself you will see generic error messages relating to the wsisa.dll and some executable files attempt to use it.  Simply restarting IIS will fix this error and only takes a minute but the issue can still be annoying.   If you are running Server 2003 you may find that the wsisa.dll executable file is prone to memory leaks and after heavy usage or given enough time it will crash.   Without extensive debugging to find the exact source of the memory leak there is an easier fix which is simply to use. cgiip.exe instead of wsisa.dll.

You can do this by simply chaning the link


to :


Notice that just past the word scripts I simply change wsisa.dll to cgiip.exe.  Both files can be used interchangeably and performance should be about the same, however I have found that cgiip.exe is more stable.  If you are running Server 2008 and IIS 7.0 (7.5) the wsisa.dll file has been improved  and this should not be a concern.  This fix seems to only apply for Server 2003 using IIS 6 and Webspeed.

If you are set on using wsisa.dll you can also set a scheduled task to reset the webserver once a day perhaps at 3Am, this should also keep skyward running and reset any memory leaks.  To do this create a batch file and place this command

iisreset /noforce.
Schedule a task to run this batch daily at a set time.  You could also do both switch to cgiip.exe and do schedule a daily reset which should keep the service running 99.9% of the time.