A long story short,   the dishwasher stopped working once again.  The buttons on the touch panel stopped working and thus the dishwasher would not start.  After taking the machine apart again I saw something different.  The circuit board looked to be in tip top shape (replaced earlier for 60$)  but after taking off the front control panel I found a new problem.


Where the ribbon cable connects the front control panel to the circuit board you could clearly see burn marks on the wire.  I was also able to press out a brownish liquid through the opening which confirmed earlier thoughts that the machine has a design flow which allows water to invade the electronics.  From the photo of the back side of the front panel you can see clear burn marks on the cable.  Looks like both the control circuit board and front panel short out on this model simply because of water damage,  I suspect that during the drying cycle steam works it way up through the seam and into the electronics area.  I am thinking about putting a line of silicon around the seams on the front assembly door and near the ribbon cable to the front control panel.


If you happen to have this model and are looking for parts I would recommend heading to the sears part website Рsearspartsdirect .¬† Here the front control panel was 68$ compared to other online vendors which averaged around 170$ all the way to 220$. (partsselect.com, applicancepartspros.com all had this part way overpriced.)