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Destiny Access Change

I have recently changed over all of the Destiny passwords that you use to check your account, place holds, access ebooks and audiobooks, etc. When you log in, you will now use the same username and password that you use to access your Google school account. Please email me if this does not work for you.

Welcome to the GMS Rebecca Caudill blog site!

This site is for students from Geneseo Middle School to complete responses for books read from the annual Rebecca Caudill reading list. Please read the How to Post Your Responses tab at the top of the page before you do your first post.

Contact Mrs. Brucher, GMS librarian (, if you ever have any questions.

The pages are ready for students to start leaving responses for the 2021 Caudill list.

We have lots of Caudills available as ebooks or audiobooks through GMS library.  If you search for the title in our catalog, you may see an option for an ebook or audiobook for that title.  When you click open, it will ask for a Login.  That will be your last name, a space, your first name.  Your username is your lunch pin.  It would look like this:   Username:  sally smith   Pw: 9876.  This lets you read the book on your own computer, tablet, or phone.  (Sorry, this doesn’t work with Kindle or Nook).  If you want to be the only person with full access to that ebook for the next two weeks, you click Check out.  See the library home page for more instructions on ebooks and audiobooks or contact with questions.