How to Post Your Responses

This site is for students from Geneseo Middle School to post responses about the books they have read from the Rebecca Caudill nominee list.  The program runs from March through February each year.  The Caudill program is for all students in grades 6, 7, and 8  (5th graders can start in the spring since they will be 6th graders when the program ends in February.)

Students are not to use their first and last names on posts. Create a username as your name, but use your gmail for the email so that Mrs. Brucher can keep track of the books you have read (nobody will see your email but Mrs. Brucher). Leave the website box blank.

Remember, you must satisfactorily complete at least 6 responses by February 14 to be invited to the Rebecca Caudill party which is held the last week of February each year.

After you read a book on the list, click on the page with the book’s title. Read the prompt idea. Add a comment to post your response to the prompt. It is very helpful if you reflect the prompt to start your response.  For example, if the prompt says to describe the similarities of June and Day, your response should start with “One way that June and Day are similar is…” This type of response helps me know for sure which prompt you are responding to and is also excellent practice for responses to literature that you must do in your classes.

Students who do not respond to the prompt or whose prompts just do not make sense will be given the option to re-write the prompt with assistance from the librarian and their English teacher. We want all students to be able to qualify if they read and attempt to respond to 6 books.

Your comment will not appear right away because Mrs. Brucher has to review each one before it is posted. This is to make sure your comment gets counted. Each Friday you can find an updated list of readers and books on the Caudill bulletin board in the library.  When you complete your first response, Mrs. Brucher will also send you access to a Google Sheet to see which responses you have completed.

Contact Mrs. Brucher if you have any questions (