1 Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

Fred Korematsu Speaks Up by Laura Atkins & Yogi Stan

Choose one option to respond to:

Option 1:  What did you learn about the relocation of Japanese Americans that you did not know before reading this book?

Option 2:  This book is a combination of poetry, art, and nonfiction text.  Did you find this combination to enhance your reading experience or make it more difficult to read?  Explain why.

17 thoughts on “1 Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

  1. I found the mix made it harder because you couldn’t tell if it was background information or part of the story.

  2. In “Fred Korematsu Speaks Up” I found it a little more hard in the beginning of the book, but start to get use to it because I like it whenever you read the poetry then ask, ” I what to more about this.” Then poof. There is and gives all the information you need.

  3. I learned that a man named Hatsuki Wakasa was shot for walking next to the barbwire fence in one of the “Relocation Centers”.

  4. What I learned about the relocation of the Japanese Americans is that they lived in horses stables and just the worst locations. They were treated poorly which is what I also learned

  5. I learned that we did not allow them to do the same thing that white people were able to do when they moved here. I also learned that when Fred went to say the supreme court was wrong and that the supreme court didn’t actually have the right to take them out of their home and send them to the camps.

  6. What I learned about the Japanese Americans is that they had to go to prison camps just because they looked like the enemy.

  7. I found the poetry in it a little challenging to read because of the topics of the poems and how it jumped back and forth, but started to get used to it.

  8. The combination enhanced my reading. One way that it enhanced my reading was that everything had information that I didn’t know and there were different ways to learn about it. Also, it made me better understand the text because sometimes if I didn’t understand the pictures or poems, the nonfiction text explained it or made it more clear.
    The poems are also an interesting way to learn about the topic because they tell about things that happened to Fred in a way that the regular text couldn’t.

  9. I didn’t know that japanese had to be put in prison camps, and jails for something they didn’t do. I can’t beleve that Franklin D Rosivelt made it happen

  10. I feel like it was better with the other stuff like poetry and art because it helped me realize what everything looked like.

  11. I rate this book 10/10. It was such a good book and had lots of detail. I think it’s really unfair that Japanese people had to be put in prison camps but I would’e never had the guts to stand up to the court and government like Fred

  12. I learned that Japanese Americans had to go to prison ans camps to keep them away from the other Americans, the Japanese Americans were treated like they were garbage.

  13. I didn’t even know that this event had happened in history, so it was very interesting to learn about it. It is very sad what happened to them and how they treated them. Plain-out not right.

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