6 Space Case


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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  This mystery does a good job keeping the reader constantly guessing about the identity of the killer.  Who, other than the actual killer, did you think was a good suspect?  Explain who you thought the murderer could have been and why.

Option 2:  There are more books in the Moon Base Alpha series.  Would you want to read the next one?  Explain why or why not.

17 thoughts on “6 Space Case

  1. I think I would like to read more books in the Moon Base Alpha series because I want to know what will happen with Daniel and the alien.

  2. I would like to read more from this series. I liked how the author kept you guessing so that you wanted to keep reading. I also really want to know what happens to Zan.

  3. this series is a very suspepenseful series! i dont really like mysteries but this one is amazing. so i would love to coutienue the series. Becuase i think that because this series is also very addicting.

  4. The book kept me very involved in the book. I thot that nina was the killer because she was stopping people from investagating the merture

  5. I would want to read more books because I want to know what he will do with Zan. Also because I love to read about murder mysteries.

  6. I would like to read more of the series because the book was really exciting and I expect for all of the other books to be like it. They are probably all going to be as exciting as Space Case. I also want to learn more about Zan.

  7. I thought that Nina was a good suspect. I thought that because she didn’t show Dash the footage and didn’t even tell him there were cameras in the bathroom. Also, it seems she was always trying to get Dash in trouble and I thought that if he got in enough trouble, his family would have to go back to Earth. Then, he wouldn’t be able to investigate. Nina didn’t want him to investigate how Dr. Holtz died. I thought she wasn’t letting Dash investigate because she didn’t want to get caught.

  8. When I first read the book I enjoyed it very much at that time I was ready to read the other books. Then I did and it was amazing.

  9. I would want to read the book series because the book really interested me when the next chapter happened it wanted me to keep reading .

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