7 Refugee

Refugee by Alan Gratz

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  Whose journey was most interesting to you and why? Josef, Isabel, or Mahmoud?

Option 2:  What did you learn about the plight of refugees from this novel?  Has this book had any influence on your feelings about refugees?

14 thoughts on “7 Refugee

  1. I learned that being a refugee is extremely tough and they are humans, too. They are just trying to get away from bad things and we shouldn’t treat them like pests. I mean, throwing smoke bombs that burn your eyes and you can’t breath? We are all humans here!

  2. Isabel ‘s because I found it interesting of how she thought about it. I was also impressed how she saved ivañ’s dad.

  3. Josef’s journey was most interesting to me. I found it the most interesting because when his father comes back, he has changed a lot. That shows how bad it was for Jewish people in Germany. Also, I found it interesting how Josef made his father believe that the Cuban doctor was a Nazi. Josef’s journey was very interesting.

  4. The most interesting story was Isabels in my opinion. I really thought this one was the best because I never new much about Cuba and the way she had to escape. I never really thought about that situation. Mahmoud also was kind of a new topic to me, but I just wasnt as interested. Josef was also really informative, because I never knew about the the boat they traveld on. Overall I think Isabels story was an eye opener and taught me about how hard it really was for them.

  5. I learned they had to go through a lot of tough times and they didn’t do anything wrong. It has because i don’t think any of that should of happened it was just Hitler wanted to rule the world so he did he wanted and i thought there was no reason to do that.

  6. I think Josef’s journey was most interesting because I am really interested in that time period and that is the first You heard of that type of cruelty from the Nazis

  7. Josef because in the beginning he thought he heard the door being kicked down and have felt like that so many times also i have friends that are Jews and i hear story’s about all they went threw and reading about Josef touched me.

  8. I thought all of their adventures were interesting. At the beginning I thought that Josef’s story was the most interesting. However, overtime I interest because not much was going on. I really loved Isabel’s story. It never was uninteresting to me. In the beginning I didn’t like Mahmoud’s story at all. But overtime I started to like it a lot.

  9. I liked Isabel’s the best because she was vary smart and she thinks of thing fast.I also like how she saved Ivan’s dad.

  10. I think the most interesting story was Mahmoud’s. I liked Mahmoud’s because he always was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That made it more exciting.

  11. The most interesting story to me was Josef’s story because in the beginning of the book it says that he shot strait up in bed and he was pulled out of bed and it just is so on the edge and his story is so interesting and it makes me want to read his first part of the book over and over again and I have read his part a couple of times and every time I read it the part just gets more and more interesting.

  12. I thought that Josef’s story was the most interesting because I got to learn what he and his family went through trying to escape the Nazi’s and it was really sad when I learned that he risked his own life to save his sisters.

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