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Slider by Pete Hautman

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  If you were to enter a competitive eating contest like David, which food would you want to eat?  Explain why you would choose that food.

Option 2:  Do you feel that David’s feelings are pretty typical for a middle child?  Explain why you do or do not think so.

17 thoughts on “8 Slider

  1. If I were going to enter a competitive eating contest like David, I would eat Reese’s Pieces because they are delicious, tiny so I can fit a lot in my mouth, and colorful.

  2. If i were to enter competitive eating I would eat mac and cheese because it is my favorite food and I can eat a lot.

  3. If I did an eating contest like David I would eat chocolate chip cookies. I choose this because they are delicious and I never get tired of eating them. I wouldn’t choose pizza like David because pizza is greasy and a heavy food.

  4. If I had to enter a competitive like David, I would eat cheese because I love to eat cheese and for me I eat it fast.

  5. If I was in a competitive eating contest I would choose to eat fruit probably strawberries because I love strawberries and all fruits. If i couldn’t eat strawberries I would probably eat kiwi fruit. I would never get tired of eating those 2 fruits ever!!

  6. if i were in a copetive food eating contest like david i would eat gummy bears because i can eat a whole bag in 90 seconds.

  7. If I was in a eating contest i would eat ice cream. I think ice cream would be good because it would become liquid fast so it would be easy to drink.

  8. If I were a professional food eater i would be a professional Mexican Rice Eater because who doesn’t like Mexican Rice and mexican rice is my favorite food. It is full of flavor and is easy to eat, when you eat a hamburger you have to open your mouth really wide.

  9. If I were to enter an eating contest I would probably choose cotton candy because cotton candy is really light and it is really good and I really like it.

  10. I feel that David’s feelings are typical for a middle child. I think this because the older child has a hard life with school and friends. Then, the youngest child is always getting more attention because they are younger. The middle child is just there. Not every middle child experiences this, but some do. I can’t really relate to David because I am the youngest, but I understand why he would feel that way.

  11. If I entered a contest like david I would want to eat fruits because I really like fruits and sence most fruits have juice they would slide down my mouth easier.

  12. If I was to be in a contest I would choose the food sushi. I would chose sushi because it is smaller to eat, I can eat it in one bit, and it is my favorite food to have.

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