10 All’s Faire in Middle School

All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson

Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  Do you enjoy reading middle grade novels in graphic form?  Explain why or why not.  How would you compare this book to other graphic novels you have read?

Option 2:  Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation to Imogene, where you didn’t mean to but hurt somebody else’s feelings?  Without giving any real names, how did you handle the situation?

23 thoughts on “10 All’s Faire in Middle School

  1. Yes I do enjoy reading them in graphic form because then you can see what it looks like and you have a visual of it. I think this book is a lot like other graphic novels because it has a lot of drama and “action.”

  2. Yes I do enjoy reading graphic novels because you get to see pictures and you don’t have to read as much but on the other hand I like reading books with no pictures because you get to make your own pictures.

  3. I enjoy reading grafic novels because that way you know what everyone looks like and in a regular novel you have to guess.

  4. I enjoy reading novels in graphic novel form. However I enjoy novels more. I treat the graphic novels as a “break” from just words on a page. I normally read one graphic novel and one novel at the same time. I switch between the two and I normally go through multiple graphic novels in the time it takes me to finish a novel.

  5. I really enjoyed reading ” All’s Faire in Middle School”.I think that this graphic novel is like other novels because there is drama in this graphic novel .

  6. I enjoy reading middle school graphic novels because you can better understand what is happening in the book. Also, it can help if you are lost in the book because there are pictures.

  7. Yes, I enjoy reading middle grade graphic novels because it has more drama. I have also read the other graphic novel on the list.

  8. Yes I have been in a situation like Imogene where I accidentally accused someone of something but I apologized and now we are friends again

  9. Yes, I do enjoy reading middle grade novels because I like to see other peoples perspectives of middle school.

  10. Yes, I do enjoy reading middle school graphic novels. How this book was different was it showed a lot of drama and it showed the right emotions than most of the books. I also make me feel like I was in the book.

  11. I have never said something that could hurt someones feeling. The best thing in to let them be for a little amount off time then try to make it up to them

  12. i like to read books in graphic novel form because i like to look st the picures and see whats going on in my head.

  13. I really like to read middle school gns. I don’t think that I can relate to any other graphic novel that I have read. I would really like to read more of them

  14. I enjoy reading middle grade novels in graphic form because I can kind of comprehend them better than regular novels. I also like them in graphic form because then you can see what is going on on the page instead of in your mind.

  15. Commenting to response 2: I have found myself in a similar situation as imogene. One time I started hanging out with someone else and my friend got upset cause I wasn’t paying attention to them. To solve it, I apologized to said friend and hung out with them both.

  16. No I have not found myself in a situation like imogines (don’t know how to spell it) but I hope to not ever.

  17. I enjoy reading this book. I like reading graphic novels and the graphic novels here are a lot more instresting then they were at Southwest because they didn’t really have a lot of graphic novels there. I like reading this book because the picture show a lot about the charcters and what they look like, whya they dress like too. All graphic novels have pictures in them.

  18. Yes, I like to read graphic novels because I like to look at the pictures, and I like how they put the words in the bubbles.

  19. I enjoy this book because the main character is all exited about middle school and gets there and dose’t know the “rules” but in the end she gets a voice and makes so many friends.

  20. Yes I did enjoy reading this book. I like reading graphic novels because it is fun to see pictures or drawings of how the author or illustrator pictures their character. Most of the graphic novels I’ve read he main character doesn’t get bullied like she did. Also most of the main characters have a group of friends at the beginning and normally change by the end of the book.

  21. I do like reading graphic novels but I prefer to read non graphic novels because I like to imagine what is going on and to read the details then to see them on a page. How I would compare this graphic novel to other graphic novels is this one has a different way that the illustrator draws the pictures and where she places the word bubbles.

  22. I do not enjoy graphic novels. I don’t because I don’t like how it is mostly pictures and not a lot of words. Also, they sometimes make no sense and it is hard to understand the pictures. I would much rather read a regular novel. I have only read one other graphic novel. This one is different than the other one because for every new chapter, it tells a little about what to expect.

  23. Yes, I did enjoy reading this book in graphic form because it better laid out the scene and what is happening. I would usually prefer normal novels with just words because I enjoy imagining what is going on in my own head. Sometimes when books are in graphic novel form, I finish them too fast and I don’t get to enjoy the story as much. But for this book to be a graphic novel it was fine, even though I usually do not prefer graphic novels.

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