11 Restart

Restart  by Gordon Korman

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  This is a book told with lots of different narrators.  Do you like it when an author has different characters narrate different chapters?  Explain how that helped or hurt your enjoyment of this book.

Option 2:  Do you think that a kid like Chase could really become such a different person after an accident like his?  Explain why or why not?

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  1. I like it when an author has different characters narrating different chapters because I can get multiple points of view on something. I really like that because then I can see what the other characters are thinking.

  2. Yes I think chase could make good choices after his accident.I think we all can make good choices as long as we reflect on ourselves

  3. I like how the author changes the narrator because you can see the story from different angles. It makes it more interesting because you can see how other people think of it. Some people are happy about it some aren’t.

  4. I chose the second prompt which was: Do you think that a kid like Chase could really become such a different person after an accident like his? Explain why or why not?
    I think that he would become such a different person because he lost his memory and if you lost your memory and you were a bully you wouldn’t remember that you were a bully. I also think that he probably should have listened to his mom so he wouldn’t have fallen off his roof but it was also good in a way because he got to restart and he could change what kids thought of him.

  5. Yes, because the nice kids will teach the mean/bad kids how to act and as the mean kids remember their pass they will know how wrong it was to be bully. The reason why the mean kids go to the nice kids is because if you go to new school you will probably go to the the nice kids because they are nice.

  6. I do like it when the book is told with different narrators. One way that it helps with my enjoyment of the book is that it has the different points of view from some of the most important characters. Another way is that it tells me what the characters’ lives are like outside of school. It also shows their feelings about certain events. The different narrators sometimes told why they did things which helps with my understanding of the book.

  7. A kid like Chase could really become a different person after an accident like his because, he really started to be more friendly to everyone. He even started being more friendly to his worst enemy Joel Weber. Amnesia could really make you a different person like Chase.

  8. Usally I do not like it when authors change narratives, but in this case I think it worked well. The only reason I never liked it before was because some characters are more interesting then others. In this book though all of the characters were well developed and I was happy to read any one of their story’s.

  9. I like that the author uses different characters’ points of view because it helps tell different peoples opinion so you can see it in different views.

  10. I thought that having different characters narrate improved the story because it gives you different perspectives of the story. It helps you understand how different people are taking the problem. I also thought that the beginning of the story was interesting how they started it out buy him falling off the roof and forgetting everything so he could restart his life.

  11. When it was told by different narrators it was harder to actually like the book six or seven chapters in. It does the same thing in wonder and then it gets really good when you read more. It sort of hurt me because i wanted to read what was going to happen next. it also didn’t hurt me because if you get like six or seven chapters in it is starts to get very interesting

  12. I think it is possible for a kid to change like Chase did. Kids are sometimes mean because they have been bullied or they don’t know how to deal with life. If you forget your past then you forget the reasons that you were being mean.

  13. Yes is think that someone that has had a bad past can change. The reason is that in the story he sees that he does not know what he did.

  14. i dont really mind when the author changes the point of view because its accually more fun to read like that becuase you get more into the book and want to read more of it!

  15. I liked how the Arther put different names on the chapter so you could know what the chapter is about with the character. if they just put the number and start talking about on of chase friends then you would get just soo confused. yes, i do think that chase can live a different life of what have happend cause chase dosen’t know that he was a really bad bully so he can restart his hole life and be nice.

  16. yes I do think that he can change after his accident because anyone can change even when you are just a little kid like Chase and even if he didn’t have an accident people should just give hime a second chance over a period of time because they don’t know if he has changed.

  17. This book taught me that if you get to refresh your life, and have a clean slate, you should think about all of your choices in life and friends.

  18. I like how the author gives different character perspective. I like that because you can see what other characters are thinking and feeling.

  19. I like the changing of the narrators because I get to now everybody’s perspective of Chase’s accident. It helped me enjoy the book because I figured out who liked Chase and what they thought about him. It also helped me understand the characters a lot better.

  20. I do not like it when the author narrates different characters. The reason for this is because I like hearing things on one perspective. I also like to hear different opinions on certain things

  21. #2: yes I do think he could become a better person when he fell off of the roof he completely forgot everything. I think if he hadn’t of fallen of the roof I don’t think he would change

  22. I don’t have a strait opinion it just depends on the kind of heart that person has when this happens to them.

  23. No, I don’t think its a good idea to have different narrators because there’s so many characters that its confusing at some points.

  24. I thought that Chase could change because his life pretty much restarted his life. Falling off a roof and hitting your head is going to end up bad. He didn’t know anyone so but everyone know him. It is his choice to make himself a better person and have friends or to just be the bully again.

  25. I like different author because then you know how someone is feeling. For example you are reading a book and you think this person is being a bully but then when you read other authors perspective you know if that person is actualy a bully.

  26. Option 2: yes. I do think he could become a different person just because when you get amnesia like chase you forget everything including your past life. So how could you remember what you were like before?

  27. I don’t really like when its told from several points of view because then there is hardly any suspense for the novel. Plus, there might be a cliffhanger and we would have to wait to see what happens.

  28. yes i do think the a person can change because one day you could wake up and be happy one day and you might fell like that forever. So people can change if some thing tragic happens to them and they might different about there self.

  29. I think that he could because what you remember and your life experiences shape how you feel about things and so he knew that “losers” were viewed as good people so wanting to be a good person naturally hung out with them and wasn’t bullying them anymore

  30. I think a kid like Chase can change because his life completely restarted and he becomes a whole new person and has a whole new life and he forgets who he was and how big of a jerk he was.

  31. I think that any kid could become a different person after what happened because he was in a coma and he used to be one of the mean kids at school like when he walked down the hallway at school every one moved out of his way. He changed after he was out of the coma he couldn’t remember anything that happened.

  32. Yes I think that you can change your personality after a accident like that because your memories affect who you are

  33. Yes I do think someone can change even like Chase because you can tel he really does he genuinely care about the people in the nursing home.

  34. I like how Chase gets to start over on his whole life and what he’s done like sports friends and his reputation.

  35. Yes I do think that Chase will become a better person because he was standing up for everyone and he did the right thing returning the medal.

  36. Yes, I do think Chase can change and be a better person. Even if he had made mistakes in the past and doesn’t remember, he can still turn his life around. For instance, when he was trying to return the medal, he fought off his own friends to do the right thing.

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