12 The Stars Beneath Our Feet

The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  Literature is said to provide readers with a window into a life very different from your own or a mirror to see a life similar to yours.  In this case, would you consider this book a window to another world or a mirror of your own.  Explain which one and why.

Option 2: Lego building gives Lolly and Rose an escape.  Lolly prefers a fantasy world whereas Rose builds the world she sees around her.  If you had a large supply of Legos like these characters, what would you choose to build and why?

12 thoughts on “12 The Stars Beneath Our Feet

  1. I would make a fantasy palace but life sized so it was like i had an even cooler room like with a built in kitchen.

  2. I would make a soccer field and other sport fields because I like sports. I would also make a lot of famous art projects because I love art!!👍

  3. I would build a huge city like Lolly. But mine would be realistic. I like to build mansions so it would probably be a rich city. I would give my city lots of tourist attractions for the people to visit.

  4. If I had a large supply of Legos like these characters then I would build a Jager from Pacific Rim. If I were to build a Jager, it would probably be big and I like building things that are big with Legos.

  5. If I had a huge supply of legos I would build a football stadium so I could wacth football everynight and be able to play football on that feild.

  6. I would consider this book a window to another world. I would consider it that because it is told in Lolly’s point of view and it is something that happened to him and not me. Also, you get to see what happens to other people and sometimes you weren’t aware that those things could happen. For example, I wasn’t aware that there were crews (gangs) and they made borders in the area where Lolly is. That seems like a completely different world to me. He lives in a big city and I am not used to that so it helps me see what it would be like. He also lives in a rough area and that is kind of new to me because I don’t live in a rough area.

  7. This book is really toching to me because he really wants to see his dad for Christmas and he didn’t but he still got the phone he wanted. I also LOVE legos so i really liked this book.

  8. If i had a large supply of legos I would build a fantasy world because you can escape from the real world.

  9. This is such a good book, probably now my favorite! I recommend it for sure. It’s about a buy who lives “in the hood” and his brother got shot. He’s been given many bags of legos and builds a city with a girl named Big Rose

  10. This book was a window into another world to me because I don’t live in the environment that Lolly does. He lives in the big city, in a rough place, with crews and “hoods”. I live in a small town in the country with animals. Big difference. I know that these places existed in the world, but now that I have had some insight into it, I find it fascinating. I find it interesting how so many people live on the same earth but have such different lives in it.

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