14 42 Is Not Just a Number

42 Is Not Just a Number: The Odyssey of Jackie Robinson American Hero by Doreen Rappaport

Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  What did you learn about Jackie Robinson from this biography that you did not know before?

Option 2:  Compare Jackie Robinson to any other person you know who was the first to break a barrier.  Describe in what ways they are similar.

18 thoughts on “14 42 Is Not Just a Number

  1. I learned a lot from this book because before I read it all I knew about Jackie Robinson was he played baseball nothing else

  2. I learned a lot about Jackie Robinson from this book. One thing I learned was that he was in the army and was a lieutenant. I found that very interesting. If he fought in the war and got hurt, that may have changed his baseball career. Another thing I learned was that his brother, Mack, was in the Olympics and won a silver medal. He earned his medal in track and I didn’t know that Mack ran track. This shows that he had a very athletic family. I also learned that he played more than one sport. Another sport he played was football. I learned many different things about him.

  3. I learned that he stayed in his seat on he bus and he stood his ground for colored people.
    Also, that he hurt his ankle and it kept bothering him. Lastly, I learned that he left collage and not even a year later he had serve our country by fighting in the army.

  4. I learn the struggles of Jackie Robinson as a kid, more about his family, and growing up. It must have been terrible at sometimes to have self control and self confidence because most of the white people were being rude to him and calling him names. I didn’t know that he had such a giant family and his wife was so supportive to Jackie like how she probably went to ever game she can go to.

  5. The thing that I did not know about Jackie Robinson is that he broke the color barrier for Major and Minor league baseball. I also did not know that he had a wife and named his kid Jackie Robinson Jr.

  6. I learned a lot from this book I did not realize that even sports had color barriers but I didn’t even know who Jackie Robinson was

  7. I learned that Jackie Robinson was poor when he was growing up. It helped me understand why he was so determined when he was older. I also did not know that he was in the military. He was a hero to American citizens in two ways. He protected us and he broke a color barrier.

  8. I learned a lot about Jackie Robinson. I learned that he was poor while growing up so he worked very hard when he was older. He also broke the color barrier and I thought that it was interesting to read about such a hero.

  9. I learned that he broke the color barrier and that he was in the army as a Lieutenant. I also learned so many other things because I don’t read a lot of baseball books so this book taught me a lot about him.

  10. I learned that he was a baseball player because I heard about him in 5th grade and I did not know who he was until I read 42 is not just a number.

  11. I learned that no one else in the MLB can wear number 42 in the book 42 is Not Just a Number. Also I learned that Jackie Robinson was in the army. Then I learned Jackie Robinson played in the minors when he was 26.

  12. I learned that he had a brother that was good at almost every sport and that he did play football and ha to quit because of an injury.

  13. Jackie Robinson is like Martin Luther King Jr because they both worked really hard to make shure African Americans are treated just like everyone else . And fought back by using their words and not their fist.

  14. Jackie Robinson is like Rosa Parks. Rosa stood up to a person and refused to give her seat up. She didn’t give up fighting for African-American rights and got arrested. As for Jackie, when he played baseball, he didn’t give up when people said he couldn’t play and fought for African-American rights.

  15. I learned a lot about Jackie because I didn’t know anything about him in the first place! I just knew he was a famous baseball player. It was boring but interesting to read about him.

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