16 The Blackthorn Key

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  There are already four books in the Blackthorn Key series.  Based on this book, do you want to read the next one?  Explain why or why not.

Option 2:  How does this book series compare to other middle grade fantasy series that you have read?

10 thoughts on “16 The Blackthorn Key

  1. This book is really great compared to other middle grade books because they usually don’t have any recipes that real appocatharies used

  2. I would like to read the next books in the series. I enjoyed this book and I read it fairly quickly. I liked how the author described things and kept the story going with new mysteries and clues for the main character to figure out. I also liked how the author made the book sort of eerie as well.

  3. I would read the next book because I really get sucked into mystery books they leave me wanting to read the next chapter and after i read this book i wasn’t thinking that the book was such a waste of time. Also the blackthorn key kind of a mix between the realistic fiction and mystery i think this because something like this could happen in real life

  4. I would want to read the next book in the series. I would because I want to learn who Christopher’s new master is. Also, I really liked how there were a lot of different clues that he had to solve to get to the end. Another reason I would read the next book is because this book had a lot of action and I really enjoy books with action. I hope the next book is like this one.

  5. I would want to read the next books in the series because I liked how he figures out things and the other challenges he has to face when he figures it out.

  6. I would not like to read the rest of this series because I did not like the evil-kinda that was entwined into it, but I think besides that it was a very good book, with leaving all the clues and the new mysteries you had to solve along the way.

  7. Yes, and No to reading the series because I like how the first book ended good and happy and that’s where I would like to leave it, but also I would like to find out what would happen next to Martin and his magical life. I loved the book and I am hoping to read it again soon.

  8. I would love to read the next books in the series because this book got me hooked in and I couldn’t stop reading it. Almost every chapter was left on a cliff hanger and I love those kinds of books they keep me up all night though.

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