17 Scythe

Scythe  by Neal Shusterman

@NealShusterman (Twitter)

Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  Would you want to become an apprentice Scythe?  Explain why or why not.

Option 2:  If you did become a Scythe, who would you choose for your Scythe name.  It cannot be somebody already mentioned in the book.

7 thoughts on “17 Scythe

  1. If i could be a scythe my name yould be Scythe Elenor Roosevelt because she worked hard at women’s rights and helped a lot of people by convincing her husband the president.

  2. I would be Martian Luther king even though i am a girl he has been my role madole since i heard his story.

  3. I know that this name isn’t famous or anything, but if I were a scythe I would choose to be Scarlett Jones just because I like that name.

  4. I would be Honorable Scythe Steph Curry. He is my favorite basketball player because he always makes threes. Also, I love basketball and everything about it.

  5. Yes. I would want to become a scythe. I would do this because I can control the human population.

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