17 Scythe

Scythe  by Neal Shusterman

@NealShusterman (Twitter)

Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  Would you want to become an apprentice Scythe?  Explain why or why not.

Option 2:  If you did become a Scythe, who would you choose for your Scythe name.  It cannot be somebody already mentioned in the book.

12 thoughts on “17 Scythe

  1. If i could be a scythe my name yould be Scythe Elenor Roosevelt because she worked hard at women’s rights and helped a lot of people by convincing her husband the president.

  2. I would be Martian Luther king even though i am a girl he has been my role madole since i heard his story.

  3. I know that this name isn’t famous or anything, but if I were a scythe I would choose to be Scarlett Jones just because I like that name.

  4. I would be Honorable Scythe Steph Curry. He is my favorite basketball player because he always makes threes. Also, I love basketball and everything about it.

  5. Yes. I would want to become a scythe. I would do this because I can control the human population.

  6. I would not become an apprentice Scythe. I would not because I think that this job would be a huge punishment itself and I could never bring myself to glean someone. Also, it seems very unnatural to glean people. Then, learning how to glean would be awful and it would be very hard. I could never be a Scythe.

  7. I would not become an apprentice Scythe. It just seems very wrong to me to be able to renew someone’s life and being able to bring them back to life in the first place, and then having to go and purposely kill them seems very wrong to me, so, I would not become an apprentice Scythe in the first place.

  8. I think it would be cool to be a scythe but I wouldnt want to because you cant see your family, and some people would try to get immortality, but there are good things too, most people would leave you alone.

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