19 The Prince and the Dressmaker

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

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Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1:  In what ways did the Prince’s friends or family support him in this graphic novel?

Option 2:  In what ways did the Prince disappoint friends or family in this graphic novel?

24 thoughts on “19 The Prince and the Dressmaker

  1. In the beginning of the book, Frances is the only one who doesn’t care what he wears or how he looks. She makes of all his outfits and goes with him to them to support him. At the end of the book, his dad ends up dressing in a dress too and goes down the runway with him.

  2. The Princes family and friends supported him in the end of this book when they realized that he was different, but he wanted them to proud of him. And, in the end, a couple men modeled some dresses for him and his dad went down the runway in a dress for him. But, Frances was with him the whole way, designing clothes for him, going with him to his events, and keeping his secret.

  3. His friends and family supported him in the end because his dad learned to except it, so he modeled a dress at the fashion show. Frances had always supported him through out the whole story. One person who didn’t support him was his wife because right before they were about to get married they all found out that he was “Lady Crystallia” and she was very disappointed to find out since she was such a big fan and she didn’t know it was him.

  4. At the end his family supported him by all wearing dresses even his father.Frances supported him the entire time .

  5. I think that the way he disappointed his friends and family is by not telling them that he likes dresses. When they found out they were really surprised. They didn’t know what to think. but in the end they supported him and all wore the dresses.

  6. The prince’s family didn’t know about his dresses at first. But when he told them at first the didn’t like it. The didn’t treat him the same way they did before. But at the end of the novel they treated him like family again. They learned to accept his differences.

  7. The Prince disappointed his family and friends by dressing up as a girl, even though he was a girl. And his parents disowned him for doing that.

  8. At the beginning of the book frances was the only one who supported him and made dresses for him. At the end of the book the dad also ends up dressing like a girl.

  9. At the end of the book, Sebastion’s family all supported him by all wearing dresses at a dress show.

  10. How the prince disappointed his family is he dressed up as a girl and his parents didn’t like that because he was born a boy.

  11. In the book The Prince And The Dressmaker. The dressmaker is hierd to make dress for a prince. The prince love dress and get about 4 new dress before he is cot. He is cot in his mothers dress that has bine missing for years and they are very disapoted

  12. The princes family supported him by , at the end his dad dressed up for the fashion show and Francis was a good friend. Francis was a good friend by making these dresses for him and knowing who he actually was inside so thank you for reading my comment and bye

  13. The princes family and friends supported him at the end of the book because they realized he was different and liked to wear dresses so they supported him.

  14. #2: in the beginning they were disappointed that he would not marry a princess and then once he finally decided to marry the princess they found out that he wore dresses and then they were even more disappointed.

  15. Frances and Emile never cared about how Sebastian looked and Frances even helped him by making dresses for him, at the end of the story even his father went out on the stage wearing an elegant flowing red dress and showed it off.

  16. The prince disapointed his friends and his family by dressing like a girl/ princess and sneeking out to parties

  17. I think he disappointed his family because he is supposed to be a prince but instead he dresses like a girl.

  18. At the beginning of the book his body guard and frances supported him and then at the end his dad and mom (especially his dad at the runway) ended up forgiving him

  19. In the story the princes friend supported him by not telling him that he dressed up like a princesses when he was a prince and she promised not to tell anybody about him. She made dresses from him to go to the ball in. Nobody know that he is a boy except his friend.

  20. At the end they didnt support him wearing dresses but then his family did support him. They supported him by going on the runway with him at the fashion show.

  21. i enjoyed reading this book because its talks about how he likes to where dresses and be a girl sometimes. so in other words he expresses himself and in the end he doesn’t care about what other people think and neither does his dad.

  22. His friends and family support him in the end of the book. They support him by dressing up in the outfits with him in the end of the book. Also, Frances supports him by not telling anyone his secret. She also didn’t care if he was different than other people and if he wore dresses.

  23. The prince dissipated his family by sneaking out, dressed as a girl, going to events, and could end up horribly tarnishing the royal family’s reputation.

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