18-Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas: Stories of Young Boat Refugees by Mary Beth Leatherdale

Choose one prompt to respond to:

Option 1: What did you learn from reading these stories?

Option 2: If you have read Refugee by Alan Gratz, how would you compare that fictionalized version of refugee stories to this nonfiction account of refugee stories? Which format do you like better?

2 thoughts on “18-Stormy Seas

  1. I would compare Stormy Seas to Refugee by saying they are equal. I liked how Refugee was story form but Stormy Seas had pictures and facts . However I don’t like the non-fiction format and I didn’t like in Refugee how the story was divided up and you had to read part of someone elses story instead of just reading the stories straight through and some times I would get confused on who’s story it was that was being told.

  2. I think that Stormy Seas and Refugee are very similar. They both are about stories of refugees and I am sure that Refugees was based on facts, just like Stormy Seas had facts in it. They are also similar because there was more than one story from the different refugees in both. I liked Stormy Seas more than Refugee. I liked it more because they are true stories and I liked how it was stories about real people, not made up characters. Also, there were a lot of facts in Stormy Seas, and I liked learning about all of the different things that they had to do to make sure they got to safety.

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