8-The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty

Choose one of the following prompts to respond to:

Option 1: Do you think Lucy should have skipped straight to college or attended middle school? Explain why or why not based on what you learn about Lucy in the book.

Option 2: Would it be worth it to get struck by lightning if you got Lucy’s gifts? Explain why or why not you think so.

7 thoughts on “8-The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

  1. I think it would be worth it because she didn’t die from the lightning and now she is super good at math and she hardly even remembers being struck.

  2. I believe if i got struck by lightning to get Lucy’s gifts i would NOT be happy because i don’t want to count words when i read and i don’t want to have OCD.

  3. In my opinion, it would not be worth getting struck by lightning and getting Lucy’s gifts. For one, she could have died, but she ended up being lucky and living from a lightning strike. Also, I don’t think I would like being amazing at math, because I feel like everyone would think I was weird and they wouldn’t get me. It would also be awful to have to count words every time I read something because it would distract me.

  4. No, it would not be worth getting stuck by lighting because
    1. you could get kill you
    2. I like my life the way it is now
    3. I would not like being around my age and in collage
    4. I wouldn’t like having OCD

  5. I think it would be worth it, I think this because you could die, I don’t want OCD, and I would not want to count EVERY WORD in a book.

  6. I would not go to collage because if I didn’t have social interactment, so it would be easier in middle school because they are the same age as me. Also, if I go to collage the people would be so much older.

  7. I think Lucy’s Nana did the right thing and made Lucy go to middle school. Yes there was a lot of drama but Lucy made new friends and found courage in herself.

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