9-New Kid

New Kid by Jerry Craft

Choose one of the following prompts to respond to:

Option 1: New Kid won the Newbery Award this year for the most important contribution to children’s literature. This is the first time that a graphic novel has won the award. Do you think a graphic novel can be the best children’s book of the year? Use examples from New Kid to explain why or why not.

Option 2: Riverdale Academy Day School is predominantly white. What types of actions make the non-white kids like Jordan feel like outsiders? How can students make all kids feel welcome at their school?

6 thoughts on “9-New Kid

  1. Actions like getting called the wrong name especially if the kids or teachers had been there several years.kids could at least remember their names or not say a wrong name if they don’t remember.

  2. Yes, I do think that a graphic novel could win the award, because in new Kid It gives what real life would be about and it would help the reader to solve there life problems as being a new kid or their bullying problem. In the book it explains many life problems as a new kid and then it solves them, which gives the reader ideas. Also this book is very easy to read, and to understand.

  3. I think that it made him feel like a outsider because called the wrong name by teachers would be the worst but also students. I think that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin people should decide if they want to be friends after seeing what you’d like on the inside.

  4. I think all kids should be welcome to a school. To make them feel welcome walk up to them and say you want to hang out with me

  5. I think nobody should be left out at school, at a park or anything like that. If someone is lonely then invite them over to hang out with you.

  6. I think that anyone can make everyone feel welcome by being kind and not make fun of what color they are. I would help them find classes and stick up for them.

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