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ALL BAND STUDENTS (INCLUDING THOSE WHO FILLED OUT A SURVEY IN CHOIR): Please fill out the following survey by tomorrow (Friday).


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Dear band parents,

We are pleased to report the healthy progress and steady growth of our music program and more importantly of the students who are dedicated to quality music making.

In our music program we provide an opportunity for artistic expression that a student could not experience on their own. But our program goes beyond the development of basic skills and artistic talent. We are dedicated to developing the following values:

*   Individual responsibility

*   Group and individual respect

*   Personal trust

*   Genuine caring

*   Commitment to our musical family

The implementation, reinforcement and integration of these disciplines serve as the foundation for our program.

Our mission is to develop a musical community. Before we can attain harmony, balance and blend within the music, we must establish it with one another. To build and strengthen our musical performances, we have to build and strengthen our personal relationships within the group. We must create a safe atmosphere that encourages risk, growth, failure, persistence and a focus on excellence. In our musical family everyone counts. Our winning combination is:

Parental Support + Student Desire + Teacher Guidance =


Success creates success. Success in music translates to success in life. Our students experience being a part of this successful musical community by:

*   CARING for other students who share a similar dream

*   RESPECTING self and fellow musicians

*   Demonstrating RESPONSIBILITY on and off the performance stage

*   Manifesting TRUST by being dependable and honest

*   Role modeling the standards of our musical FAMILY

We thank you for your support, and remind you that YOU are a key ingredient in our success recipe.

Mr. Hernandez

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Dear band parents and students,


Welcome to the New Year! We are excited about the full slate of opportunities ahead of us and we are eager to convey good news about the value of music education for your child.


Often a single concert or presentation measures the success of a music program. While it is true that a performance demonstrates the students’ mastery of skills, it is only one aspect of our comprehensive music curriculum. Music classes in our program are designed to prepare students to be responsible citizens in tomorrow’s society. What is it about music learning that offers young musicians a head start?


*   Music develops interpersonal skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, negotiation and working with others; the basic personal attributes required for problem-solving in our modern day workplace.


*   Music stimulates the creative, curious, and imaginative mind Рthe mental building blocks for critical thinking and self-motivation.


*¬†¬† Since much of music is active learning, it links the creative thought process to reality. The following quote is an excerpt from The Value of the Arts, created by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities – 1993:


“Some skills taught only in the arts are as important to science as they are to art. Among these tools are playing, abstracting, building models and recognizing patterns. Non-verbal skills allow people to imagine and visualize new realities before they can be proven by logic or scientific experiment”.


When children are in the act of making decisions based on present moment choices, they replicate the same thought processes used in expressing music. This is a human quality that must be developed; it is the foundation for all problem-solving skills.


When we take a holistic view of music learning, we develop a new perspective and appreciation for music’s influence on children. Music is important in the life of children.


Mr. Hernandez

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