Back Pack Night-Monday, August 21st 4:00-6:00

It was so nice to meet everyone at Orientation! We are excited to see you again at Back Pack Night! Back Pack night is for the students and parents to drop off school supplies and meet the teacher.  Please look around the room, but this is not the time to play…we will play on the … [Read more…]

Things to start thinking about…

  School supplies-BUY THEM WHILE THEY ARE CHEAP!  We use them throughout the entire year. Write your child’s first name or initials on each individual supply with a Sharpie marker. This saves tears when a supply is dropped or misplaced.  Please do this BEFORE you drop off the supplies on Back To School Night.  Most … [Read more…]


Begin working on: Printing name and recognizing/saying the letters in name. Remind your kinder to start his/her name with one upper-case letter and the rest are lower-case letters.  (Example:  Alex)   Put the spelling of the name to a simple melody or chant. Try the play dough recipe at the top of the page and … [Read more…]

Stuck Inside?

Board Games, Puzzles, LEGOS, Creative Play with dolls, action figures, stuffed animals…Think about the dice games you have played with your children this school year as you have completed the Home Activities. Make a fort using cushions and blankets. ¬†Create an obstacle course right in your house…no running involved, just up and over, crawling, wiggling … [Read more…]