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March Kindergarten News

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February Kindergarten News

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Stuck Inside?

Board Games, Puzzles, LEGOS, Creative Play with dolls, action figures, stuffed animals...Think about the dice games you have played with your children this school year as you have completed the Home Activities. Make a fort using cushions and blankets.  Create an obstacle course right in your house...no running involved, just up and over, crawling, wiggling and worming!  Have fun with your family!  
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December News

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November 2016

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Questions about Home Activities

Just a quick review...search Yellow folders will come home on Mondays. Help your child complete the work.  (They let us know if you do it for them!) This gives you a picture of your child's understanding of the concepts being taught. It also gives you an opportunity to talk with your child about letters and sounds as well as evaluate his/her fine motor skills.  Most importantly it puts you in the teacher role as you support your child's learning. Parents are the first and most influential teachers in a child's life! Return the folder on Friday.  This allows your child four days to complete the work. We know some nights are busier than others.
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We have been working on: Printing names and recognizing the letters in our names. Remind your kinder to start his/her name with one upper-case letter and the rest are lower-case letters. Try the play dough recipe to the right and have fun rolling out the letters WITH your child. We have found some very creative ways to encourage your little one in this area on Pinterest. Look some up and try one!   Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.06.48 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.06.10 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.05.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.06.27 PM
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Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News-September 2016
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First Home Activity-Well done! Very Creative!

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First Day of Kindergarten

Whew!  We made it! The day was filled with learning the daily routines, meeting the office staff, listening to Clifford Goes to School, moving to the Rules Rap, coloring, playing at recess, experiencing the lunch room, meeting the Special's teachers and learning how to pack up at the end of the day. In the Kindergarten World, with 23 students, this is a BIG deal.  Everything takes time and patience.  It also takes many people to make this all happen.  We want to thank all the Northside Staff for being present in the hallways and helping our little ones throughout the day.  A big THANK YOU to the fourth grade students who willingly helped our students get milk, lunch, and punch in the key code.  Thanks fourth graders!  You Rock! The second day of school will be much easier.  Just having that first day under our belts will relieve a lot of the worries.  We will review Clifford's Class Rules again, please look in their Daily Take Home Folders and discuss the rules listed on the color sheet. We will print our names on everything.  Look at your child's name on the paper.  You may need to do some daily practice:  Pinch the pencil.  Hold the paper.  Print one upper-case letter and the rest are lower-case letters.  Have your child say each letter as he/she prints it.  TEAMWORK! Send them on Monday ready to go.  Remember, the school nurse said they need approximately 10-12 hours of sleep a night.  We will have all hands on deck again ready to help your child have a successful second day of school. Enjoy your weekend! Mrs. L and Mrs. P
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