An Iditarod Champion has arrived in Nome!

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Iditarod 2017!

What has been called ‚Äö “The Last Great Race on Earth,” takes competitors 9-18 days to finish, and covers over 1,049 miles of the most rugged terrain in some of the harshest conditions man has encountered? If you guessed The Iditarod, you are absolutely right!¬† Always held on the first Saturday in March, this year’s Ceremonial Start is March 4th with the official race (Restart) scheduled for Monday, March 6th in Fairbanks (due to lack of snow in Anchorage).

Mushers, dogs, and dogsleds are arriving at Anchorage once again for the annual running of this competitive race.  Race enthusiasts compare it to the World Series of baseball, the Super Bowl of football; the major sporting event of mushers and their dog teams!  The all-stars of the dog- sledding world and some qualifying rookies will be competing in this grueling race across the wilderness of Alaska!

Who do you think will win this year’s race??? Is it one of the veteran racers such as Martin Buser or Jeff King, each of whom has won multiple times?¬† Perhaps you have chosen a fan favorite such as DeeDee Jonrowe or another veteran who has consistently finished in the top 10 or 20.¬† Or maybe your favorite musher is a rookie who simply hopes to make it to Nome which is a major accomplishment in itself!¬† During the race we will check each musher’s daily progress on the Internet, watch webcasts featuring the mushers (and their dogs of course), and even experience virtual fly-bys of the race trail!

To view the action, check out the Official Iditarod website below.  Explore all the fascinating links including live streaming of the Ceremonial Start on Saturday and the Official Restart (the real race) on Sunday, video clips of mushers at checkpoints, GPS tracking of your musher, everything you might want to know about the race and more!

If you have forgotten, the username to access  Iditarod Insider is

password: jill1

During the big race, another one of my favorite sites for photos and up-to-the minute news is the Anchorage Daily News site.  Check this one out for all the latest; it has some excellent links too!

If you would like to receive daily email updates at your home computer visit the and Anchorage Daily News/Iditarod websites and sign up!  You will receive all the latest news‚ photos, headlines, and more!  Be the first to know who is leading!

Try this link to view the exact location of your musher via GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

Watch videos of your favorite musher as he/she stops at checkpoints along the way.

Checkpoint videos

To find out more about the equipment, check out Dogsledding 101

or accept the challenge to discover if you can navigate your dog sled team through the obstacles!

View nomecam, a live view of downtown Nome where the finishers race under the famous Burled Arch to claim their prize!  If you click on the Iditarod Race link you can watch Ally Zirkle finishing a past race.  Meet her team too!

One of my very favorite links is the virtual trail fly-by!¬† Don’t try it if you get motion sickness and before we take off, be sure to fasten your seat belt!

The link below will take you to the 2017 current standings.

Current standings

Read about your favorite musher using the link below.¬† Many of the mushers also have links to their personal websites/kennels, so if you see a highlighted link at the bottom of an individual’s bio page, click on it for additional information.¬† Here is the site for the entire roster of mushers:

musher profiles

Now‚ go have some fun and then post a comment telling your classmates which site you like best!  Will you give us the inside scoop on who you think will win this race???  Earn some extra credit by sharing something you learned about the Iditarod after visiting the sites on this blog.


All sixth graders will be participating in a spelling bee in their homeroom classrooms!  If you would like to prepare for the upcoming spelling bee, click on the image below to enlarge the word list!


Author Visit Friday, December 9th!

On Friday, author Kate Ristau will visit GMS!  She will be talking to 6th grade classes about the writing process and will have autographed copies of her new book Clockbreakers.  Click here to learn more about our visiting author.


Titanic Information

Very cool site with more Titanic information…


Titanic documentary…

In class activity – Predicting Practice!

Today in class, we used the short video clip, “Gopher Broke” to practice predicting.

Using your graphic organizer, play the clip.

Please stop at the following places to write your prediction (in the Prediction box), then write what made you predict that in the Clues box.

Continue playing the video, writing what actually happened in the Confirmation box, then checking yes or no to show if your prediction was accurate or not.

Stop at the following places:

  1.  What will happen with the truck? Р:35

2.  What will happen with the carrot? Р1:02

3. What will happen with the nail? – 2:57

Reading Response Journal!

Your mission is to personalize your RRJ by class on Friday.  You are welcome to print pictures of your favorite books, or simply draw your own and tape them to your cover.  If you prefer, you may write the names of your favorite books and add them to your cover.  You will not be given class time for this project.

Happy Decorating!




2016 Medieval Feast

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Iditarod Documentary

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