9-1-17 End of the Week Celebrations!

We completed our first FULL week of school- And what a great week it was! Students spent a lot of time getting to know me, sharing their own fun facts, and learning the routines of fourth grade. We were also able to ease in to some of our curriculum! Below are some shots from:

Facts About Mrs. Shehorn Activity: Some students were given a list of random facts about me. They were instructed to ask a student a random fact from the sheet. If the seated student answered incorrectly, they got to take the list, ask the other person to sit, and move on to another seated student. If the student answered correctly, they remained seated. This is a vocabulary strategy that I use in reading. It keeps students moving, social, and it’s an excellent way to remember terms.

Band Aid Activity: I asked all students to think of an appropriate place to pretend to have a “boo boo”. No matter where a child informed me of the injured location, I placed a “band aid” (piece of tape) on their forehead. Students giggled and wondered what I was up to. Once I reached the last student, I asked the following questions:

“Did you all have a boo boo?” (Yes)

“Were your boo boos all in the same location?” (No)

“What did I keep doing no matter what you told me?” (You kept sticking the band aid on our forehead.)

“Even though I gave everyone the same thing, did it make it fair?” (No!!!!!)

“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that fair doesn‚Äôt always mean doing the same thing for every student and that you all need me in different ways?” (Yes!)

“So, is it fair that some students receive extra help in reading than you? Is it fair you may receive extra help in organization that others? Is it fair some students need help working through big feelings more than others?” (Yes)

I used this as an opportunity to explain to students that I am here to teach ALL students and it may mean helping individuals make progress through a different route. This is called differentiating my instruction. I feel that it’s important to stress to children that we all have strengths and weaknesses. We have things we’re good at, things we need to practice at, and more. FAIR DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN EQUAL. Fair is helping students in areas that are needed, and it varies among students.

Classroom Quilt: Students made quilt pieces to represent all of the unique things we bring to our classroom. I use the following piece I wrote to describe the quilt.

Like a Quilt…

By Mrs. Shehorn, 2010-2011

    We are the beautiful pieces that are special and unique. The pieces can be similar, but no piece is exactly alike. It is great to be different, because it is what makes our classroom so wonderful!

     Our support, responsibility, kindness, and respect are the stitches that keep us together. Just as it is a quilt‚Äôs job, our purpose is to make sure everyone feels safe and warm in our classroom.

When we’re put together we’re one big blanket that wraps around each other. Even though we’re one class, we’re all very special and play an important role in creating our classroom community!


We also worked on handling indoor recess and brain breaks with no better way than to practice!


Listening “Test”: My homeroom students participated in a fun listening “test.” I passed the test out (face down) and told students to read the directions carefully once I said, “Go!” They had two minutes to complete the test. The directions encouraged students to read directions carefully, too! The first direction said to read ALL the directions before doing anything else. The sheet led students on a journey of reading odd requests (to shout in class, poke holes in papers, complete tough math problems, etc.) Once they reached the last direction, it shared they they should only complete directions one and two, which only requested simple tasks. Students laughed, were shocked, and felt cheated! :0) It was a fun reminder on the importance of reading directions CAREFULLY! Memories were definitely made!

            Enjoy the pictures below. I have the best fourth graders around!

Lesson 1 Vocabulary Activity

Hey cool kids! Without looking at the definitions, leave a comment, telling a story using the following words:

  1. comfort
  2. mention
  3. mood
  4. properly
  5. intends
  6. consisted
  7. positive
  8. advanced
  9. peculiar
  10. talent

It will be fun to come back and read these AFTER you learn the meaning of each word! You can write your response on a piece of paper before writing it in a comment. You should not spell the vocabulary words incorrectly because they are listed above. Good luck!

Letter to Science/Social Studies Families

This was sent via Skyward on 8/28/17. I was also sent home via paper copy on 8/29/17.


Mrs. Shehorn’s 4th Grade

Science/Social Studies Information


What about…


…the classes/curriculum?

As you know, I am teaching science and social studies to your children. I have been teaching with our amazing student-centered, inquiry-based science curriculum, Full Option Science System (FOSS) throughout my entire Geneseo teaching career. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s exactly what science should be- hands-on, research-based (every investigation is guided by questions), dirty, fun, engaging, and more! We’ll be studying under three modules: Environments, Energy, and Soil, Rocks, and Landforms. Students will use composition notebooks to archive questions, observations, data, vocabulary, and more. Students will also work in a variety of groups, enhancing problem-solving/social skills. It’s a wonderful time and I’m excited to get started!


Fourth graders focus on map skills and regions throughout the United States. We’ll spend the early weeks learning all about maps, how to use an atlas, and locating information to complete a WEEKLY Daily Geography (DG). The DG is given on Monday and due on Thursday. We’ll eventually move into our Regions textbook, where we’ll learn about the geography, climate, and resources of each United States region. Students will be encouraged to study the states/capitals of the current region during its week(s) of study. I will give students flashcards for this, but they’re also encouraged to take advantage of all online resources on my classroom blog. Regional state/capital quizzes are given, with a cumulative fifty sates/capitals test at the end of the year. Students also participate in a float-building project (made from a shoe box) to display information found through the state research project.


I hope this gives you some insight on what we’ll be doing in our science/social studies class!


…contacting Mrs. Shehorn?

I can be contacted a variety of ways. The best way is through email, or by giving your student a note and placing it in their folder (on the Return to School side). Your student has been informed that all notes can be placed in a basket on my desk. I periodically check my email throughout the day, and will be able to get back to you sooner than any other method of communication. My email is lshehorn@geneseoschools.org. I can be reached at the school at (309) 945-0475. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or celebrations!


Speaking of communication, PLEASE check your SPAM/JUNK mail often! IF you find an email from me (or one of the other fourth-grade-teachers), please add us to the “safe list” or mark “not junk” so it will start going to your inbox. We often send mass messages via Skyward. This sometimes results in it going to your SPAM/JUNK folder. We don’t want you to miss important announcements! Also, please visit my classroom blog often! I post pictures, happenings, and announcements on my blog. The address is: https://www.gcsdstaff.org/shehorn/


…the classroom rules?

I have student-generated guidelines which fit under the three following rules: 1) Respect your right to learn. 2) Respect others’ right to learn. 3) Respect your teacher’s right to teach and learn with the class. I go over these guidelines with science/social studies students, just as I do with my homeroom students. I love using the phrase, “Positive choices pay.” First and foremost, students earn verbal praise, confidence, problem-solving skills, kindness, respect, manners, empathy, excellent study/work habits, tolerance, etc. just by making positive choices throughout the day. Your students can also earn “Positive Pay” classroom cash from me! This is the name of my classroom cash. The “Positive Pay” earned from me is able to be used in their homeroom classroom store. Some examples of deposits for positive behavior and decision-making include, participating in class, helping out a friend, completing homework, using polite manners, excellent answers/questions/connections, doing a classroom job well, taking healthy risks, and participation. Some examples of poor behavior or decision-making include, late or incomplete homework, forgetting a name on a paper, leaving a mess, acting in an unkind or disrespectful manner, etc.



Fourth graders have homework that fits into three main categories. Some homework is daily work that your student did not finish in class, and it needs to be completed at home if it won’t be done by its due date. It is rare that assignments are given specifically for homework (I’d like for you to read and spend time with your family), but it occasionally happens. This could be a study guide that needs to be completed to review in class the following day. It is a great idea to help your student with his/her homework. Not only will you spend quality time with each other, but you will also see how your student is doing in a specific area. The third type of assignment will be long-term projects. The students will have multiple days to complete the assignments. The other fourth grade teachers and I try our best to ensure we are not sending several textbooks home on the same night. Please understand this will sometimes happen. Many textbooks CAN be found online. We will show your students how to access all of the resources we have available in the coming weeks.


Even if your student does not have homework written in his/her planner, he/she can still set aside some time to study or reread concepts or stories that we have worked on in class. Encourage your child to read for fun or research topics of interest! If you have time for a family read aloud, game night, etc. I encourage you to go for it!


…makeup work?

We have an “Absent Student Sheet” used in our classroom. The returning student is responsible for checking this sheet for his/her work. This will help guide him/her in making up the work. Please note that some work and additional information may be stapled to the back of the sheet. The student is also encouraged to see their teacher for some additional assignments/directions/teaching. The student should return the Absent Student Sheet with the completed make up work. Please check your handbook on additional information regarding student absences and make up work.


…late homework?

Late homework happens from time to time. Most students will have at least one incident (i.e. late assignment, left their homework at home, didn’t turn it in by 8:30AM) in the year. This is ok, as long as the student is learning from his/her mistake(s).

IF a student has a late/incomplete/missing assignment for the day (even if completed but at home), they:

  • Pay a fine with their Positive Pay classroom cash for breaking a Classroom Community Guideline.
  • Possibly stay in during a recess detention to complete the assignment.
  • May take home a SCHOOL HOMEWORK NOTICE, depending on their teacher‚Äôs preference. This allows communication between home and school regarding homework. It usually requires an adult‚Äôs signature or initials.


…student planner?

Your child will bring their Student Planner home every night. The students are given multiple times throughout the day (and the last few minutes of the day) to fill in their planner. If they do not fill in their planner, they must pay a fine with classroom cash. This will reinforce organization and responsibility. This will also reduce the amount of late or missing assignments. Even if we do not have homework in a specific subject, they are required to write, “NONE” on the blank. I have also encouraged the students to make a star or symbol under each subject if they need to bring the textbook(s) home for that specific assignment or subject. Please check their planners with them each night. This will be an effective way to see what homework they have. I do not require initials in the planner unless I feel it is necessary, but students are rewarded with Positive Pay classroom cash for initials! Fourth graders can and will be very responsible- please let your student hold the accountability! J


…Mrs. Shehorn?

Your student will be able to tell you much about me in the weeks to come! We will play some fun “icebreakers” and get-to-know-you activities. I also look forward to getting to know the families of my students! Here is what I would like for you to know about me in getting started:


My name is Lyndsey Shehorn, and I am thirty years old. I was born and raised in Lincoln, IL. I graduated from Aurora University in the spring of 2009 with a B.A. in Elementary Education. I student-taught a kindergarten class with many ESL/ELL students in Aurora prior to graduation. I worked as an aide and co-teacher in Enhanced Kindergarten for one year in my hometown, before taking a fourth-grade job offer and moving to Geneseo! This will be my eighth year of teaching fourth-grade at Millikin Elementary School. I will be teaching, learning, and growing with your student. I absolutely love what I do, and I feel very fortunate that I am happy to go to work each day.

You may have previously known me as, “Miss Robbins” if I had some former students from your family. I married my high-school sweetheart, Nick in 2011! We have two beautiful sons named, Gavin and Benton. Gavin turned four on August 5th, and Benton turned one on April 22nd. I LOVE being a mommy! We also have a Boxer dog. Her name is Kendi, and she is almost fourteen! You will catch me spending most of my time outside of school with my little family, as family time is most important to me! I also enjoy fishing, running, concerts, reading, writing, and shopping.

I feel very blessed to be a part of the Geneseo community, and I enjoy working with my Millikin Elementary School family. The teachers and staff are so caring and have taught me a lot over the years. I am proud to be a part of this hard-working and passionate team.

Your children are very special to me. I’m so excited to share my enthusiasm and love of my profession each and every year! I have a lot of energy and feel quite eager to get started once again. I am on your side and want the very best for your children.

Communication is very important for us, so please contact me with any comments, questions, concerns, or celebrations. I will always evaluate myself and reflect to ensure that I am an effective and loving teacher for your student. I look forward to everything the year will bring us- both fun and challenging!


I can’t wait to get to know all of you and make a memorable year!

-Mrs. Shehorn


Happy Friday! Today, we wrapped up the week by:

  • creating ‚ÄúCheat Sheets‚Äù to place in the planner.
  • making quilt pieces to represent our unique/special likes, interests, personalities, etc. We‚Äôll glue them together to make a classroom quilt, which will hang outside the classroom with the following poem:

Like a Quilt…

 We are the beautiful pieces that are special and unique. The pieces can be similar, but no piece is exactly alike. It is great to be different, because it is what makes our classroom so wonderful!

Our support, responsibility, kindness, and respect are the stitches that keep us together. Just as it is a quilt’s job, our purpose is to make sure everyone feels safe and warm in our classroom.

  When we‚Äôre put together we‚Äôre one big blanket that wraps around each other. Even though we‚Äôre one class, we‚Äôre all very special and play an important role in creating our classroom community.

  • taking some selfies to post in the room.
  • exploring my classroom blog
  • playing a get-to-you-you game.
  • Taking a listening ‚Äútest‚Äù.

It’s been a great week! Enjoy the pictures below!

Second Day Summary!

Hello Families! Fourth grade was back at it today! We were able to finish all of the “housekeeping” items on our list. Students labeled all of their folders, put away extras for later, and learned more about the daily routines. You can ask your student about some of the following procedures or topics in our classroom:

  • Morning Routine (unpacking, lunch count, Brain Buster, homework station, job chart, etc.)
  • Stretch Breaks
  • Boundaries
  • Positive Pay classroom cash, monthly Classroom Store/Incentive Parties
  • Daily Ledger
  • Indoor recess options/expectations
  • Restroom Breaks
  • Planners, ‚ÄúWhen I write, we write!‚Äù
  • Wrap-Up Time

Students also participated in a district-wide Expectation Station. We traveled throughout the building discussing and practicing ways we can create an environment that allows us to stay safe and learn! Many staff members played an important role in making this happen. One station included a read aloud by our WONDERFUL principal, Mrs. Boone! She read the story titled, What Do You Do with An Idea? by Kobi Yamada. This was a wonderful story! It encourages readers to stand up for their big idea, even if it may seem a little different, a little scary, and a little big. Sometimes we can’t stop thinking about an idea and we need the reassurance that it’s ok to give it attention, let it grow, and find ways to make your big idea a reality. It can be a little scary, but we should never turn away from our dreams!

This story was very fitting for today‚Äôs conversation. We talked about growth. I am a teacher looking for progress, not perfection. I challenge my students to take healthy risks. Sometimes we may be scared to ask questions, or share our answers and connections. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. I don‚Äôt want my students to be afraid of failure, but to learn failing is all part of the growing and learning process. Success is never a straight shot. In fact, it looks a lot like the picture I have posted below. I plan to use images like the ones you‚Äôll find on this post throughout the year. I want to push my students away from a fixed mindset, and towards a growth mindset. “Growth mindset” is a huge buzzword or phrase right now, and for a good reason! I learned of this a year ago while reading some Positive Parenting books. It led me to growth mindset and I immediately wanted to incorporate this into my classroom! I encourage you to learn more about it, too!

Tonight, your children should have brought home the following:

  • ‚ÄúOther‚Äù Folder (this includes the daily ledger)
  • Planner (Read 20min for reading, NONE for the rest of the subjects, and a reminder to return any forms from Back to School Night

Some students asked to take home Journeys books to read “for fun!” WHAT? :0)

Tomorrow, we will spend the day doing some ice breakers to help get to know each other, a craft for students share some of their favorites, and putting together a “Cheat Sheet” to use as a resource (4th Grade schedule, some checklists, grading scale, etc.) inside the planner.

I’ll get login information for a variety of resources on a label or laminated paper as soon as possible, too!

A few notes…

  • Please review the snack list with your child. I sent a snack letter and list home on Back to School Night. We have SEVERAL allergies in 4th grade. It is my priority to keep your children safe. Snacks MUST be on the snack list.
  • Binders AND trapper keepers were not on the school supply list because they are NOT required. We do allow them, and some students will find traveling easier with them. I just wanted to communicate that it is NOT a requirement.

I apologize for the lengthy post. I will not post daily, and they certainly won’t be this long each time. I love to give summaries during the first week because I know it can be a week full of questions, wondering how your kiddo is adjusting to new faces and routines, etc.

It has been a wonderful week! Thank you for sharing your most precious gifts with me! I love getting to know them!

Image taken from the original source/author https://biglifejournal.com/products/growth-mindset-poster

Image taken from the original source/author https://biglifejournal.com/products/success-iceberg-poster-pdf

GREAT First Day of School!

Dear Adult(s),

Good evening! I’m happy to report that it was a great first day in fourth grade! Your children spent the day learning about the new routines, expectations, and boundaries inside, as well as outside of the classroom. They not only respectfully listened, but were awesome participators! Students were asked to get out of their seats and reenact morning routines. They even answered “pop quiz questions” about a typical day in fourth grade. I’m most proud that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT tried today! This is huge! It’s not easy speaking in front of our peers, especially on the first day of school. Way to take healthy risks, fourth graders!

Students also had a lot of fun getting to know me, my personality, and my philosophy of education. Your students should be able to complete the following sentence:

‚ÄúI promise to remember you are _____ (kids) and you must promise to be able to ________ (handle) it.‚Äù                                                                                            

Ask your child to complete the sentence. Ask, ‚ÄúWhat does Mrs. Shehorn mean by this?‚Äù  

We had several stretch breaks, which helped in breaking the ice. I learned that several students are not afraid to do the worm, or at least try!

We were able to unpack most things. We should be finished with the “housekeeping” list tomorrow. I told our class I would mention on tonight’s email it was acceptable that planners, books, etc. were not taken home tonight. They were encouraged to read for twenty minutes and/or talk about their day with you. They did not have homework or any other pieces of information to bring home.

Tomorrow we will spend more time getting to know each other and participating in some icebreakers to build that solid foundation of a family-like atmosphere. We’ll also participate in the Expectation Station “assembly” with the entire school. This activity will help reinforce the district-wide expectations from the Behavior Matrix. Students will review what cooperation, pride, and respect looks/sounds like in the cafeteria, classroom, restroom, bus, and hallways.

Again, I am completely impressed by the hard work today! They had so much to do in such a short time. I was so pleased to see wonderful active listening today. They’re off to a fabulous start!

Also, please continue to check this classroom blog! You’ll find images, announcements, resources, and more here.

Thank you for all the support! I look forward to this wonderful year with your children!  Enjoy the pictures below.

– Mrs. Shehorn

Hello to my 2017-2018 Fourth-Grade Families!

I do not have access to Skyward until Monday, August 7th. Please watch for the message below as an email, as well as a postcard as soon as I’m able to access all of you/receive all of your mailing addresses! I can’t wait to get started!


Dear Adult(s) and Students,


Good Morning! I’m happy to share that I will be your homeroom teacher for the 2017-2018 school year! I wanted to fill you in with a little bit of information before the first day of school.

-According to Mr. Kuffel, he is hopeful that school will still begin on Monday, August 21st, with a one hour early dismissal. We all know that construction can change plans. Our leaders will keep us up-to-date and as informed as they possibly can! They already do such a wonderful job of this!

‚Äì You will be receiving postcards in the mail as soon as I‚Äôm granted access to Skyward. I think it‚Äôs a great way to make your child feel special and to connect before seeing each other. Please note the reminder for the tentative Back to School Night on Thursday, August 17th from 4-6PM on the postcard.

‚Äì You can check out my blog at https://www.gcsdstaff.org/shehorn/ to see pictures and read ‚ÄúAll About Mrs. Shehorn.‚Äù My school blog will be one way to communicate and stay connected to what is happening in the classroom. It is slowly being updated as I continue to prepare for the year.

– Speaking of communication, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail often! IF you find an email from me (or one of the other fourth-grade-teachers), please add us to the “safe list” or mark “not junk” so it will start going to your inbox. We often send mass messages via Skyward. This sometimes results in it going to your SPAM/JUNK folder. We don’t want you to miss important announcements!

– After I meet with my fourth-grade team, I will finalize my “syllabus” to send home. I will try to post it to my blog before school starts, so my students and their adult(s) can have a sneak peek at the information before receiving it during our first week of school. This will contain info on routines, schedules, expectations, my teaching style, etc.

– I will always have your child’s best interest in mind. In the first weeks of school, we will take time to really get to know each other, make our classroom feel like our fourth-grade home, work on routines, etc. It is important to me that our students feel safe and comfortable. I’m on your side and we are a team! Always.

– Lastly, please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or celebrations! We have a wonderful staff, an excellent leader, great families, a supportive community, and a beautiful school! I cannot wait to start our 2017-2018 school year together!

Lyndsey Shehorn
4th Grade Teacher
Millikin Elementary School
Geneseo, IL 61254

‚ÄúToo many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won’t do that.‚Äù – Walt Disney



First Summer Check In…

Hey NOW fifth graders! (I know the 2017-2018 school year has yet to begin, but you’re totally fifth graders now!)

I have received a few comments and emails asking about my summer, specifically regarding Benton. We have good news! Benton had a great doctor’s appointment! The specialist had Benny participate in an interesting test, in which they had to stick wires all over his head and gather information from his sweet little baby brain.


We were given some great news from the test! Benton does not have a seizure disorder. In fact, they do not think he’ll have any more seizures. They/we can’t exactly prove it, but they think Mr. Benton reacted funny to some of his shots. Some kids get cranky after shots, some get sleepy, and some don’t sleep.

Benton decided he wouldn’t sleep well for two weeks and that he would have some short seizure moments.

Benton has not had an episode in two weeks or more. This makes Mr. Shehorn, Gavin, and me very happy!

It brought a huge smile to my face knowing you were asking about our silly, wild, and unpredictable little guy. Thank you for your kind hearts! You make my teacher heart so happy!

I hope your summer is off to a great start! So far, we have been to some parks, a carnival, had some picnics, played with our new water table, and more! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! I miss you all and can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown over the summer!

– Mrs. Shehorn


Classroom Progress!

Dear Families,

Good evening! I’m currently at school for round two of setting up! It feels great to finally be in our room! I thought the construction update pictures were so fun. I think it gets everyone so excited for the completed project. It made me think, “How exciting would it be to see your teacher in action?” I posted some images of the current status of our room below. Students, feel free to leave comments on the post! Tell me about yourself! What are you most looking forward to? What questions do you have about fourth grade/your teachers? I can’t wait to read your responses!



“Online Back to School Night”

Dear Adult(s) and Students,

Please click the links below specific headings to access information you would have received on Back to School Night. Paper copies of this will go home with your student once we are in attendance.


Mrs. Shehorn’s 4th Grade Information Sheet

Info Sheet for Parents <—- Click Here


Classroom Community Guidelines Information

Behavior System Letter <—- Click Here

Behavior System Signature Note <—- Click Here


Snack List/Allergy Information/Snack Protocol

Happy Monday, 4th Graders! (A Message from Mrs. Shehorn)

Dear Students,


Greetings! I am so excited to share an update with you! I hope you are adjusting well to having Mrs. Riney as your teacher! I’m sure she’s doing a wonderful job!


Benton Lee Shehorn was born on Friday, April 22nd. He weighed 9lbs and 3.4oz. He was 20in long. Mr. Shehorn, his big brother Gavin, and I are so in love with him already!


Gavin loves being a big brother! He wants to hold Benton as much as he can, has already fed him, has helped with burping him, and more. He loves all the little sounds that Benton makes. Gavin laughs when Benton has a hard time sucking on his paci (pacifier). Benton usually wiggles his face really fast, spits it out, wants it back, and wiggles around for it some more. Gavin can‚Äö√Ñ√¥t get enough of it! Gavin invites his brother to story time every night. He also LOVES to share his dance moves with Benton. We have watched The Little Mermaid at least forty times since I have been home. Gavin tells Benton, “Watch this Benton! Watch me dance!” while he shows off some of his best moves to the song “Under the Sea.” It’s hilarious!


Benton loves doing what all babies love to do- eat, sleep, poop, burp, and cuddle! He is absolutely adorable! Sometimes I just stare at him (and his big brother) and smile because I think I have the cutest babies in the world! 🙂 All of your adults did this, too!


I hope you are all having fun learning about owls! I so eager to hear about the dissection! Leave me some messages on this post on my blog page and share what you have enjoyed so far. I would love to read them. I am sorry to hear that your field day was cut short due to the weather. Great job to my homeroom for beating a class or two at the Tug-O-War! I heard you were excited to beat a Southwest class. I’m sad I couldn’t be there to cheer you on, but I know Mrs. Riney, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Schnowske were excellent cheerleaders!


I am doing well! I am getting stronger and feeling better each day! It is weird to look down and see my feet. My belly is gone! You have been used to seeing a teacher with a beach ball for a tummy- I look so different! You no longer have to find me a couch to lay on because I can finally walk comfortably. 🙂


I have attached some picture for your viewing pleasure! I can’t wait to hear from you! I miss all of you so much!

– Mrs. Shehorn


13055408_859383462846_6817334826063986964_n 13096267_859211921616_8628548472710330820_n13055496_859848391126_2456092126237178094_n 13055297_859730148086_5230233332523775052_n 13076877_860016304626_6790191248135369375_n

Northeast Regional Resources Research

State Research Link




Video of Cranberry Harvesting

Cranberry Video






Maple Syrup








State Float Pictures

Well done, super state researchers!

PARCC Testing Schedule

Millikin PARCC Testing Schedule

Monday March 9

12:30-2:00 – ELA Unit 1

Tuesday March 10

12:30-2:00 – Math Unit 1

Wednesday March 11

12:30-2:00 – ELA Unit 2

Thursday March 12

12:30-2:00 – Math Unit 2

Friday March 13

12:30 – 2:00 – ELA Unit 3

The Rock Cycle, Three Types of Rocks, and More!

Rock Cycle Info

(Check on the links below to research The Rock Cycle)





Three Types of Rocks

(Click on the link below to research the three different types of rocks)




Igneous Rocks



Sedimentary Rocks



Metamorphic Rocks


First Day of School!

Dear Adult(s),


Good evening! Today was a wonderful first day! We spent most of the day learning the ropes of fourth grade in our classroom! This morning, students entered the classroom, received a quick, but warm greeting, and were off to their specials.


Once the students returned, they learned about the daily morning routine. We even went outside to practice lining up, entering the school, our classroom, etc. Students acted out their “in-class” morning routine. (Taking attendance, checking their mail, filing papers, turning homework in, etc.) We discussed the importance of my attention getters. (You can ask your student(s): Why is it important for the teacher to be able to get the class’ attention? What variety of ways do I gather their listening ears, frozen bodies, and closed talkers?)


The fourth-graders were introduced to their classroom community jobs and given job descriptions.


We discussed limits in the classroom.


Please ask your student(s) about Positive Pay! They were most excited about this!


We discussed that I understand they are children. Please ask your student to share what I mean by this. They should be able to share what I expect in return for making this a priority in their learning environment.


We worked as a class in writing our community guidelines, or rules. We’ll discuss them tomorrow.


Students were eager to unpack and make themselves at home. This is perhaps the most stressful part of the first day. They have new rules, teachers, expectations, supplies, and more to think about. I emphasized that the first few weeks take some time. We did not finish unpacking and sorting. I stressed that this was acceptable. Please continue giving this reassurance at home tonight. Tomorrow is another opportunity to unpack, organize, and understand. We will practice folder use, filing, categorizing, and more! I do not want them to feel anxious about this. “If Mrs. Shehorn is saying not to worry, then don’t worry!” J


Tonight, they have been asked to share their Apple Chart Reflection paper. IF your student does not have it, we’ll take care of it tomorrow. (He/she will NOT have consequences, as this is new!) If you had a chance to read through the information I provided at Back to School Night, this will sound familiar to you! Students were asked to write AT LEAST 3-5 complete sentences. They will turn this “homework” in tomorrow.


I look forward to tomorrow! I’m already SO impressed with their listening and healthy risk-taking!


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Also, check the blog out for some pictures of your kiddos!


Thank you for your support, communication, and trust!



The VERY Excited Fourth-Grade Teacher!

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Making Connections to Our Upcoming Field Trip!

Hello fourth-grade smarties!


As you know, we’re taking a field trip on May 9th to the Putnam Museum. We will be participating in Stranger in a Strange Land. This is a total immersion program. You will become part of the immigration process! We will also go to the River, Prairie, and People exhibit, where you will learn about immigrants’ contributions to our local history. We will end the day with a giant screen film about Lewis and Clark!


Below are two links to make fun connections before arriving to the Putnam! Enjoy!

Click the link below to access, Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today.



Click the link below to access records of real passengers, venturing to Ellis Island.


Climate, Hurricane, and Lighthouse Facts

Below are links to complete some more research on hurricanes, climate, and lighthouses in the Southeast. Click on the links to read more! Leave a comment with your top three favorite facts!












Our First Day Together

Dear Adult(s),

I think we had a GREAT first day together! The students were able to learn about me, review expectations/routines, ask questions/express concerns, and share some facts about each other!

We’ll spend tomorrow getting to know each other some more. We may review some science concepts so I can get a better feel of what the students need. There will be no homework over the weekend in social studies or science.

 I also wanted to encourage you to keep your eye open for a weekly newsletter. Once we’re all adjusted, I will send it home to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the classroom! Also, please visit our classroom blog often! (https://www.gcsdstaff.org/shehorn/ ) I love to share images of students’ learning, post questions to extend thinking outside the classroom, and even some extra credit! (Please let me know if you do not have Internet access at home so that this is fair.)

I plan on starting a new unit in social studies in the next week or so. I’ll also work with students to complete their learning in the rocks and minerals unit. (We still have plenty of time to spend on this unit.)

The students earned some Positive Pay classroom cash for their hard work, willingness to adapt, and positive attitudes! I couldn’t be happier!

It was hard saying goodbye to my little Gavin this morning, but spending time with my other kids made it feel wonderful to be back!

Students and Adults, I thank you for your warm welcome, kind wishes, and support! I look forward to our school year together!

 Please contact me if you have any questions!


Below are pictures from today- enjoy!


Next Week!

Hello Cool Kids!


Happy Friday! As you know, I will be returning to school next week! I will see you on Thursday for my FIRST day back! I can’t wait to get to know all of you! You have had a few weeks to get to know each other! Please share what you think I should know about our super smart class by leaving a comment below!


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you soon!

– Mrs. Shehorn

First Day of School

Hello Fourth Grade Smarties!


I hope you had a great first day! I thought about all of you all day! I know Mrs. VanKerrebroeck is doing a wonderful job! Please comment on this post and tell me about your day. What did you learn today? I am excited to see what you can tell me about fourth grade so far! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

-Mrs. Shehorn

He’s Here!

Hello Fun Students!


I know many of you have been waiting for the big announcement!


Gavin Nicholas Shehorn was born on August 5th! He was 8lbs 8oz and 20in long! Mr. Shehorn and I absolutely love and adore him! We are spending lots of time resting up at home and can’t wait until we’re able to come to school to visit! For now, I’d like to share pictures of our cute little boy! Thank you for asking about him! Mr. Shehorn and I are very, very happy!


I miss all of you and I hope to see you soon! Enjoy the pictures below!

944583_661661868506_1874271351_n 998770_661531050666_132212582_n 998927_662027455866_1632519493_n 1002513_662148343606_741925165_n 1149038_662417294626_1629949988_n



Summer Check In!

Hello cool kids!


I hope you’re enjoying your summer break! What have you done so far? I have taken time to visit friends and family back in my hometown. I also joined a book club with some fellow teachers. I walk at night because it’s a bit too hot to walk during the day (and if you saw me, you’d see that it’s not so easy lately). Mr. Shehorn and I have been getting Mr. Gavin’s room ready and patiently waiting for his arrival. He’ll be here in 3-7 more weeks!

Have you picked up a great book this summer? Go on vacation? Join a class? Tell me all about it! I miss you and can’t wait to see you!

Field Trip Pictures

Here are pictures from today’s fourth grade field trip to the Putnam Museum! Thank you to all the adults who helped chaperone! Thank you to my polite students for setting a great example at the museum! You rock!



iMovie Book Trailer Projects

Wonderful work my almost fifth-graders! You exceeded the expectations! You’ll be given your graded rubric by the end of the week!

Click the links below to access YOUR own movie trailer! I have uploaded the files you saved on your own. Find your file and enjoy!

Elden, Tricia Book Movie Trailer

bowers alison movie book trailer

chavez sanchez ricardo movie book trailer

Desplinter,Calvin Movie book trialer

Doehler,Dominic Book Movie Trailer

Duda, Kobe iMovie book trailer

Evans,Shannon Book Movie Trailer

Fitzpatrick Logan book movie trailer

Henderson Zachary book movie trailor


Mitchum,Makenna Movie Book Trailer

Nelms,Robyn book movie trayler

Poel,Anna book movie trailer

Robinson, Thomas Book Movie Trailor

Schramm Carya

Swan Ian book movie trailer

talbert cadence movie traler

Tindall Teague Movie Trailer

Traphagan Kyle Book Trailer

VanDeWoestyne Nicholas Book Trailer

Wildermuth,Chase Book Trailer

jacocks,natalie imovie book trailer

Griffin Henna’s book trailor

Gradert Sidney’s book trailer

Buechler,Anthony imovie trailer

Today’s Enrichment Time Activity

1) Read “Debate of the Week” passage carefully. Think about your feeling towards one of the topics.

2) Choose a passage that you feel most strongly about and jot down ideas and supporting details for your opinion on a piece of paper.

3) Create a Doceri presentation expressing your standpoint on the passage’s issue. Be neat, be clear, use visuals, etc.

4) Email your project to me! lshehorn@dist228.org

Have fun!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.26.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.25.37 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.24.55 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.24.12 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.22.48 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.22.01 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.20.23 PM

Celebrating Black History Month

Hello wonderful students! You have a choice to visit the many links below:

Option #1: Visit this site to access the Time for Kids Black History page.


Leave a comment on this post, sharing what your favorite article was and why. What did you learn through the article?


Option #2: Visit this site to access the Scholastic Underground Railroad Journey.


Imagine the year is 1870. You were once a slave who escaped on the Underground Railroad. You have been asked to share the story of your courageous journey and to describe the brave people who helped you along the way. Answer any or all of the questions below.

To help you answer these questions, think about what you’ve learned in this online activity, from the background slideshows to the story of the slave who escaped from Kentucky. If you want to learn even more, read the “Slave Stories.”

Type your answers in the box under each question. When you’re done, you can print out your story to share a hard copy with friends and family.

Question 1 Tell me about your life as a slave. Where did you live? What kinds of work did you do? What were some of the hardest things about your life?

Question 2 Tell me about your escape from the South. Why did you decide to flee? How did you travel? How did you find your way? How did you survive? How did you feel?

Question 3 Tell me about the people you encountered on the Underground Railroad. What kinds of people did you come across? What are some of the different ways that they helped you? How did the abolitionists influence the Underground Railroad?

Question 4 Tell me about when what happened after you reached freedom. Where did you settle? Why did you choose that place? What kind of work did you do? What were some of the challenges you faced? How did you feel starting your new life?

Question 5 Tell me about the time around the Civil War. How did you feel when the southern states seceded? Did you or anyone you know fight in the war? Why? Explain your feelings about Abraham Lincoln. How did you feel when the war was over and slavery was abolished?



Magnetic Observations

Today, the fourth-grade students explored magnets. Students had fun sticking the magnets all over their desk. We then decided to make a lab of it! We had a hypothesis! “We think magnets only stick to iron and steel.” The class conducted an experiment by separating a “bag of goodies.” They made a pile of “objects that will stick” and “objects that won’t stick.” Students tested each object with a magnet and recorded their data. The class found the answer…Magnets stick to IRON and STEEL! Way to go scientists! Enjoy the pictures below!


Measuring Length/Distance in the Metric System

Fourth graders have been very busy learning about measuring length/distance in the Metric System. The students know that the standard for this is the meter. They learned about millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers. They also learned the abbreviations for each! On Thursday and Friday, the class practiced estimating. We learned that a “good estimate” is within a range of ten. Check out the pictures below!

Story Elements Realistic Fiction Book Report

Please click this link to access a GREAT practice link! We used this in class and it will be a great review! http://www.learner.org/interactives/story/cinderella.html

Can you identify:

– setting

– characters

– the protagonist

– the antagonist

– conflict

– climax

– resolution

– plot

– exposition

Also, check out the fun rap songs! They’re catchy and very educational!



Great Teachers!

The students were asked to take their new knowledge and teach it to another other. The class had to teach the meaning of a sentence, the rule of capitalizing and punctuating, the difference between statements, questions, commands, and exclamations. Oh, and one other thing- they had to use great enthusiasm and hand gestures. Enjoy!


Guided Reading!

Dear Adult(s):

4SH has begun guided reading! It takes some practice, but we’ll have it down in no time! Students will have guided reading every other week (my goal). During guided reading week, we will be focusing on skills that will be in our reading basal (the large red story book). I will work with small groups on fluency and comprehension. While I’m reading with one small group, five other groups will be working independently in stations. The stations rotate every thirty minutes. We usually do two rotations a day for three days. The students DO get most guided reading work done in class, however anything that is not done in class is homework. Students are given five days to complete the guided reading work. I usually assign it on Monday, and the work is due on Friday. We began on a Tuesday this week. We spent Tuesday going through expectations and routines of guided reading. We did our first rotation on Wednesday. This means that the guided reading work will actually be due on Tuesday! It certainly doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of it at a time, even at home. The stations change each week, but some do stay the same! Here is an example of their “work plan.”


Guided Reading Work Plan for the Week of:

Draw a check mark on the blank by the work that you have completed. All of the work must be complete/checked off before you turn it in. All work must be in the folder. All guided reading folders must be turned into the Guided Reading Crate by: ______________________________

Guided Reading with Mrs. Shehorn       ______

Vocabulary Enrichment Packet       ______

Spelling Word Story       ______

Independent Reading (I.R.) 3 Reading Responses       ______

Scholastic News (read the cover story, “Who Will Win?” Complete the Compare the Candidates and Before They Were President w.s. Read another other articles in the magazine.)       ______

Study Break (use this station to catch up on some reading, work on any other assignments, free write in your journal, etc.) ______

Teacher Comment(s):




Here are examples of stations that DO NOT/RARELY change…

Independent Reading, or I.R- This is a station in which students enjoy reading and responding. This station encourages students to THINK about the text they are reading. Students must select a book and read it from beginning to end. They know that if they have a hard time with five or more words on the first page, the book is too much of a challenge and must select a different book. Students will record their first book on a log. They will then read until they feel they can respond. They have a folder of questions that they must choose from. Students will write THREE responses total during the guided reading week. The responses are worth 30 points (10 points per response) and will be recorded in their reading average. Students will be encouraged to write five or more sentences to respond! Use neatness, juicy details, and try to be a brave speller.

Guided Reading w/ Mrs. Shehorn– Small groups will read novels, short stories, etc with me. We will discuss the text, complete picture walks, make predictions, draw conclusions, sequence, summarize, and much more! We’ll model expression and practice reading LOUD and PROUD! :0) We’ll focus on vocabulary words that will be seen in the following week’s story!
Here are examples of other stations that students may join.

Spelling Station– Students will work on a spelling activity, project, game, etc. This will help students prepare for the upcoming spelling test!

Vocabulary Enrichment– Students will take current vocabulary words and study them. They will write the word, draw a small icon/picture that he/she may associate with the word, look the word up in the dictionary and find its definition, and put the word in a good sentence.

Scholastic News– Students will keep up with current events, think critically about present issues, and practice working in non-fiction texts! Students may have an assignment that aligns with the article.

Study Break– I sometimes make a study station. This is used as a “catch-up” or study hall. I do not offer this often, but I did do it during the first week because I want to ease the students into this.

State/Capitals Practice/Basic Math Facts– I try to do some cross-curricular activities! I may make a station that will help review skills being taught in the other 4th grade classrooms!
Journaling– Students will work on their writing skills at this station.

Educational Games Station– A station where students may play games that enhance their current learning.

Technology/Research Station– I would like to get students on iPads and computers as much as possible. Students may be given a topic/select a topic of choice to research.

Again, the guided reading work is mostly done IN CLASS. Students are given plenty of time in their station to finish or get a great start on their work. They are not required to work on the guided reading work at home. Students are encouraged to do this if it will help get their work submitted ON TIME.



In other words….you may HAVE to take it home as homework if you won’t have it finished by the due date. If you invest your time wisely, you won’t have to take too much home.

I hope this paints a better picture of how guided reading is going in our classroom! I am already so proud of their hard work! Please let me know if you have any questions.

-Mrs. Shehorn



Friday’s Tic-Tac Taste Lab

We’re back to The Scientific Method! Mrs. Shehorn ran the lab this time and the students were the “guinea kids.” I wondered what Tic-Tac flavor most fourth graders preferred- green apple or orange. My hypothesis, or smart guess was, “I think most fourth graders will like orange because it seems to have a sweeter taste.” The students helped me plan my experiment. Some students were even my assistants! Enjoy the pictures below! You’ll also find the answer!

1 2 3