NFL Pick Em

Check here for pictures of weekly winners, weekly standings, and season standings! 

Week 10:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 10 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 10)

Champ: Team of Ava DeSplinter and Peyton Kies – 76 Points

Week 9:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 9 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 9)

Champ: Cameron Melchert – 126 Points

Week 8:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 8 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 8)

Champ: Cameron Melchert – 135 Points  **Perfect Score!

Week 7:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 7 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 7)

Champ: Mrs. Johnson – 113 Points

Week 6:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 6 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 6)

Champ: Cameron Melchert x2 – 121 Points!

Week 5:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 5 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 5)

Champ: Cameron Melchert – 130 Points!

Week 4: 

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 4 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 4)

Champ: Jaxson Sottos – 89 Points

Week 3: 

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 3 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Season Standings (Week 3)

Champ: Drew Kelly – 123 points

Week 2:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 2 Standings

NFL Pick ‘Em Overall Week 2 Standings

Champ: Dalten Grimes & Taber Falks – 121 points

Week 1:

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 1 Standings

Champ: Elli Barickman – 123 Points

NFL Pick Em Blank Sheet Week 1


NFL Pick ‘Em:

Each NFL week, students will complete a handout with all of the NFL matchups. Students try to select the winners of each game. Then, students rank the games by their confidence level. If there are 16 NFL games that week, you assign the values 16, 15, 14, and so on down to 1 for each game (a number can only be used once). For example, if you are very confident the Bears are going to win their game that week you would give them a rating of 16. The team winner you are the least confident in winning you would rank 1. Again, you can only use a value once! So you CAN’T use 16 for each game. You turn in this handout before the games begin that week (usually Thursday nights).

The following week, after the Monday Night game, students go to Mr. Monier’s room and there is an answer key for all the games. In order to receive your assigned confidence points, students have to correctly pick the winner of that game and then you get the number of points you assigned to that game. So when you put 16 points on the Bears, if you win, you gain 16 points. If they lost, you get 0. Most points wins!



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