Contig Club Final Four

Congratulations to the Final Four students of our first Contig tournament. They are from left to right, Boone Forsythe, Liberty Brumbaugh, James Matthews, and Liam Coleman. 


We will have James vs. Liam square off for the championship. Good luck!

Escape Room!

We completed our first ever 6th Grade Math Escape Room! Students had to know their decimals, fractions, and percents in order to “escape!”

Congrats to the 3rd hour 1st place finishers…

Bryson Boxell, Alex Snyder, and Jackson McAvoy

and to the 6th hour 1st place finishers…

Zara Anderson, Janey Neumann, and Callie VanKerrebroeck

Top Spellers!

Congratulations! Here are our top 4 spellers from homeroom. Landon was our champion and he and Fiona will represent our homeroom at the February 14th Spelling Bee. First alternate will be Janey and second alternate will be Bella.

Left to Right: Landon Nordstrom, Fiona Bailey, Janey Neumann, Bella Stewart

NFL Pick Em Overall Standings

Cameron won the weekly award several times throughout the year and was in 1st place for most of the year. However, Mr. Monier had a roaring finish to claim 1st overall! Cameron is the 1st student finisher! Congrats, Cameron!

Since Cameron really got 2nd place (behind Mr. Mo), I was sure to eat one of his nuggets and one of his french fries!